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Top 7 Reasons to Visit a Gynecologist


Women’s health needs are unique, and that is why gynecology experts such as Decatur OBGYN specialists at Delkab Women’s Specialists focus on the particular issues concerning women’s reproductive health. A gynecologist can help you understand how your reproductive system works, teach how normal vaginal discharge should be and how you can detect a problem, and teach you how to have safe sex. Therefore, they are essential in your life, and here are the top seven reasons you might visit them.

  1.       To Make Sure You Are Not Pregnant

If you have been having sex and suddenly you stop experience your periods, you might be pregnant. However, if you have been using protection, failing to experience your periods can result from other complications. However, it would help if you visited a gynecologist as soon as possible to clear your mind and be confident of why you are not experiencing your periods. Whether you have a relationship with a steady lover or a casual sexual relationship, your provider will confirm if you are pregnant and help you make informed decisions depending on your relationships’ status.

  1.       To Test for STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by different viruses and bacteria found in the genitals and can be transmitted from one person to another. This means that sexual intercourse can transmit diseases or other contacts with an infected person’s genitals. Some STDs have no cure but can be effectively managed if detected early enough. Therefore, if you are sexually active, it is vital to check for STDs to ensure that you are safe regularly.

  1.       Due To Menstrual Problems

Sometimes you can experience problems with your periods and menstrual cycle. For example, your periods may suddenly become irregular, you can bleed for a long time or excessively, or you may not experience them for several months. There is a reason, and you need to discuss the problem with your gynecologist to understand why it is happening.

  1.       To Learn About Birth Control Options

You can be sexually active, but you are not yet ready to conceive. In this case, you will have to put protection measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and your gynecologist can help you. Your provider can counsel you and present a variety of birth control techniques and, at the same time, allow you to identify a suitable option for you.

  1.       For a Pelvic Exam

If you are above the age of 21, it is essential to get a pelvic exam, particularly if you experience pelvic pain, menstrual complications, strange vaginal discharges, or delayed childbearing. Besides, a pelvic exam can help you reduce the risk of several health complications, including cancer.

  1.       For Your Breast Exams

Breast exams are essential for every woman but are more vital for those over 40. Your gynecologists can help you conduct a thorough breast exam, especially if your family has a breast cancer history.

  1.       For a Check-Up After Sex

This doesn’t mean that you have to visit your OBGYN every time you have sex. If you experience complications after having sex, you can see your gynecologist. If you had painful sexual intercourse, missed a period after sex, or experienced strange symptoms in your genitals, it’s time to seek expert care from the experts.

Therefore, gynecologists are essential in your life, and you can trust them with your health. Contact Delkab Women’s Specialists and learn how your provider can be helpful in your overall well being.

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