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Three Common Kinds Of Car Crashes In Albuquerque

Car Crashes

Car accidents in Albuquerque are not the same. However, some kinds of accidents take place almost every day. Some of these accidents are more severe than others; however, they all can lead to life-changing injuries and substantial damages. Car accidents can occur for various reasons including driver negligence, mechanical failure, and road hazards. No matter the type of accident, victims must understand they can pursue compensation if the accident resulted from the negligent action of another party. To ensure they receive the compensation they deserve, it is best to work with an Albuquerque car accident lawyer who can represent them and their interests. The following are common kinds of car accidents with emphasis on how kinds of negligence can lead to such accidents.

Rear-End Accidents

This type of car accident can result in different serious injuries and damage even at slow speeds. Victims can suffer from neck and back trauma, which could lead to whiplash or spinal cord injuries. Rear-end accidents usually result from distracted driving which includes eating, texting, using GPS, talking on the phone, and other activities while driving. Drivers who fail to stay alert while driving can cause an accident can be held liable for the resulting damages.

T-Bone Crashes

These accidents usually occur at intersections. They can pose serious dangers for both drivers and passengers who can get stuck on one side of a car. Often, a T-bone accident occurs when a driver violates traffic laws. Running a red light, failing to yield to oncoming traffic, or turning onto a street without warning can cause T-bone accidents. Although a driver guilty of a T-bone crash may have legal responsibility, this doesn’t compensate for your damages. As a victim, you should file a car accident claim to recover such losses.

Head-On Collisions

This kind of car accident is the most serious of all kinds because of the speed at which the involved cars usually travel. Sometimes, a head-on crash can result in wrongful death.

Often, head-on collisions occur when a driver swerves out of their lane or drives their car in the wrong direction. Although such problems can take place because of distracted or drowsy driving, they commonly happen when a driver is behind the wheel while under influence of alcohol or drugs. Driving under influence can significantly impact a driver’s cognitive and motor functions. As a result, they will have difficulty staying in their lanes and obeying road rules, possibly leading to tragic collisions.

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