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The Positive Health Benefit Of Bidet Seats To The Elderly

The Positive Health Benefit Of Bidet Seats To The Elderly 1

A study conducted for the elderly in aged care facilities proved that there is an increase in the personal hygiene among patients with the regular use of bidet seats. A bidet toilet seat offers thorough cleansing of the bottom area of a person using a stream of water. Many attest that this kind of method of washing is more hygienic and beneficial than the use of a tissue paper.

Drop in UTI Cases

With the installation and use of bidet seats, coupled with the proper orientation about personal hygiene, urinary tract infection (UTI) cases dropped significantly.

UTI is reported as among the most common health issues in many home care facilities for the seniors. Many elders face bladder control problems. As some of them do not look forward to using the toilet, some, on the other hand, forget about urinating at all. Some senior women tolerate urinary incontinence or accidental leakage of urine from the bladder.

For those who avoid visiting the bathroom, many of them have negative experiences such as harsh wiping of their behind, inability to move freely, and issues concerning secrecy.

Improved Independence

Many strive for independence. Freedom is essential to old individuals as this very well define their sense of achievement and gives them that self-worth and well-being. Once their autonomy is put in control, most elders tend to think their existence is useless.

Thus, another favorable impact bidet seats bring to the elders is the improved independence to use the toilet even when alone. Given the existence of a bidet, they can already clean themselves hands-free. Older citizens feel confident about using the bathroom and do not fear to leave the toilet feeling dirty. There is also some who look forward to their every visit to the toilet.

Promote Privacy

Most elders are more than inspired to use the bathroom by themselves after being taught how to use the bidet. This new found independence likewise boost their morale and positively gives them back their privacy.

With a bidet, too, it means that the seniors need not rush. They are given more time for them to empty their bowel or bladder. Most of them take a little time to get started and with someone by their side, they find it hard to launch even more.

Control Germs

The fact that the use of bidet offers hands-free cleaning and even to some units – drying promotes elimination of germ contamination and spread of bacteria.

It is a fact that germs spread easily through improper hand washing especially after the use of the toilet. Through germ contamination, many suffer from food poisoning, stomach flu, and other bacterial and viral infection and disease. With the introduction of a heated toilet seat among elders, they need not wash their behind with their bare hands or wipe it with a toilet paper.

Enhanced Wellbeing

Most elders reduce or avoid fluid intake; this is because they fear frequent trips to the bathroom. Given this, they sometimes face dehydration which can lead to more severe problems, UTI included. But with a bidet, this makes the use of a toilet easier for the elders. Many aren’t afraid to drink water anymore which result in improved health.

With improved personal hygiene and health and added independence and privacy, such positive change results in more happy elders. This translate to a positive outlook on life and enhanced wellbeing.

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