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The important type of pregnancy tests

The important type of pregnancy tests 1

You can figure out if you are pregnant by observing one single symptom. In case if you are feeling that you are pregnant there are various pregnancy test tools that could throw more light on the same. A visit to the doctor could also go on to confirm the same. The chances of an accurate result from a pregnancy test could emerge after the first date of your missed period. But the general suggestion would be to wait for a couple of weeks to be part of this test as it will showcase more accurate results.

With home pregnancy data tools tests you can opt for it after the first date of your missed period. There are some sensitive tests that can be used much earlier. All of them work on the same principle and that is the detection of HCG in the urine or blood. There is a chemical in the stick that goes on to change colour when it comes in contact with urine. In relation to waiting times it all depends upon the test, but within 10 minutes or so you are going to avail an accurate reading.

It has recommended that you opt for the HPT tests a couple of times, but the results are going to vary if you have missed your period or if the test is taken too soon. Sometimes the levels of HCG are so low that it would be even difficult to detect the same. Though the tests may vary from brand to brand, but mostly the test works out to be an inexpensive option.

It has to be said that pregnancy tests are accurate when you are going to use it in a proper manner. The chances of a false negative might occur, which happens when you are pregnant, but the result has something else to say. In case if you have gone on to miss the period and the results does point to something else it would be better to seek the opinion with the doctor.

What would happen if the results are going to be positive?

The next stage does go on to depend a couple of things. The first is you pregnant and secondly would be are you planning to become pregnant. If the test results have gone on to be positive, and in case if you are planning to become pregnant, check with the doctor as far as the 8 week mark evolves. There are specialists whom you can ask for guidance as far as the phase of pregnancy evolves. Do discuss with them any changes that you might have to make with your lifestyle, health or diet of the mother when you are awaiting pregnancy.

If the test result are positive and you did not expect to be pregnant, then you discuss with your doctor about the available options that includes

  • To end your pregnancy
  • Helping you to decide whether you are really looking forward to continue the pregnancy

It is always better to get in touch with a clinic that specializes in reproductive health.

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