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The four reasons most women visit the gynaecologist

The four reasons most women visit the gynaecologist 1

Gynaecologists are the people who look after female health. They are the folk who see more naked ladies than the owner of a strip club, but at the same time they are the people who examine things from a clinical and objective perspective. They are respectable and sensible, and they don’t get a kick of seeing people without their clothes – instead they get their kicks out of seeing sick people made well. And they are very good at that. They are also very good at providing peace of mind by screening for issues like cervical cancer and other conditions that are ruthless killers but not always easy to spot. So, while most people don’t like talking about their gynaecologist visits, the reality is that most people go there for the same reasons and to ask the same questions. Here is a quick list of what happens most frequently behind the closed doors of the local gynaecologist.

Birth control

Birth control pills are one of the most common reasons that women visit the gynaecologist. The pill is often prescribed for reasons other than stopping somebody from falling pregnant. It can be a solution to irregular periods or to hormonal issues and acne. But, aside from abstinence, the pill is also the most effective means of not falling pregnant and this is a serious worry for many women. For most, when they start to become sexually active it will be the first time that they consider finding a gynaecologist. It usually starts with an internet for something like ‘gynaecologist Melbourne’ and goes from there.

Getting old

Menopause is a time of big change for women and it is often a time when people who have not been to the gynaecologist for a long time suddenly pop out of the wood work to ask questions and to seek advice. It is a time when periods cease, and hormone levels start to change. Hot flushes are frequently encountered. Things like hormone replacement therapy and hysterectomies are suddenly options, although, more than anything, the women concerned typically just want reassurance that what they are experiencing is normal.

Cancer screening

We all know that cancer is a nasty disease and that, left undetected for too long, it can kill swiftly. Unlike their male counterparts whose reproductive organs all sit on eth outside, the female parts are all internal, and therefore harder to check up on. And cancer is indiscriminate in when and where it strikes. Women are typically advised to be screened for cervical cancer at least once every two or three years. Similarly, for breast cancer. And more frequently if there is a family history of the disease.

Period problems

This is something that men tend not to understand or even care about. The reality is that almost half the world’s population menstruates. Yet it is hardly ever spoken about and in many societies, it is even considered taboo. The reality is that it is an important part of being able to reproduce and have babies. Almost everyone who has ever been born has come out of a woman who menstruated. Yet people don’t talk about it unless they go to their doctor. Heavy flow, irregular periods, painful cramps… whatever the issue if a woman has issues with her periods she will head to the gynaecologist.

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