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The common painkiller addictions

painkiller addictions

Indicating the familiar phrase drug addiction would usually make people think about illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. But there are far more kinds of legal drugs being used all around the world can potentially become a source of addiction and physiological dependence. Pain killer addiction has been slowly becoming a significant problem from the past few years. The more potent danger comes from the fact that unauthorized use of these types of pain killers can lead to serious health issues even to death. Pain killers are much harmful if combined with other agents such as alcohol and these pain killer medications that become addictive are those that belong to the class of drugs known as opioids.

Commonly found opioids are morphine, hesperidin, oxycodone, hydromorphone, hydrocodone and propoxyphene. Opioids generally attack some types of proteins around the body and these are called opioid receptors. They are found in the regions like spinal cord, brain and also in the gastrointestinal tract. When they successfully attach to these receptors and they block the transmission of the pain messages to the brain. This also can induce the feeling of euphoria by the stimulation of the regions of the brain that are responsible for mediation of pleasure sensation. The chronic and the long term use of the opioids consequently lead to tolerance, meaning users must take more and more doses in order to achieve the same effects. It can lead to physiological dependence and even leads to oxycodone addiction.

Opioid abuse:

However, despite of this pending danger, the use of the opioids can be safe if used correctly. Most of the people who are prescribed the use of pain killers are notbecoming addicted to it. They are actually godsend, as it relieves the chronic pain of most people who suffer debilitating conditions. But this can only work effectively if taken as instructed. Prescription pain killers like oxycodone, are primarily designed to lessen pain, but they also affect emotions. As a result, all painful signals are blocked due to the chemical reaction in the body and brain. The problem with opioids is that they are highly addictive and there is a growing dependence on them when taken for some time.

The vulnerability of a person towards the oxycodone addiction might be difficult to determine, as addiction and dependence develop for various reason. But the root of the problem comes from drug misuse, such as mixing it with alcohol and taking doses more than it is prescribed. Another type of misuse is by taking them in the forms such as crushing, snorting or injecting directlyinto the bloodstream and the drugs gradual released into the body. Children might also get injected opioids accidently and this will lead to unwanted effects and even fatalities. People, who are currently having addiction in other substances like alcohol, may have higher risk of pain killer addiction. Painkiller addiction can happen to anyone with acute or chronic pain and can happen innocently. It is always advisable to consult a physician before trying any medications.

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