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The benefits of physiotherapy for pregnant women

pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the best stages in a woman’s life. But as a part of this process, women have to endure many physiological and psychological changes which include physical strain that might lead to pain or discomfort. Pregnancy Physiotherapy can be helpful for expectant mothers as this can be a remedy for the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Physiotherapists also recommend physiotherapy to ease body pain and discomfort associated with this phase.

Here is a list of advantages of pregnancy physiotherapy:

Relief from Lower Back Pain: Even though the process of pregnancy can be wonderful, the strain it causes on the body might be tedious. The centre of gravity of the expectant mother changes as the baby grows inside the womb. This makes the expectant mother strain herself while standing. A pregnant woman’s spine also gets affected and this can be a strain on the back, neck muscles and shoulders. If these changes are unchecked, a pregnant woman can develop shoulder pain or lower back pain. Physiotherapy can help in managing the pains and aches so that an expectant mother can improve her quality of life.

Pick the Right Choice of Exercises: other than backache and discomfort, pregnant women also experience spinal and joint issues, muscle strength issues, posture problems, weight gain and many other issues. All these concerns might lead to fatigue and stress which would make it difficult for pregnant women to participate in any form of physical activity. However, physiotherapists can recommend few exercises that would target these areas which would then help in regaining muscle strength and in easing the discomfort experienced during pregnancy. All of these exercises are simple and one need not visit a gym for this purpose. If the exercise continues it would help improve metabolism and endurance – the pregnant women would also be able to drop a few pounds after delivery.

Ease Pregnancy Related Complications: Various hormones are released in the body during pregnancy to help women to cope with the situation. But as the changes continue, issues like heartburn, abdominal pain, nausea or even musculoskeletal problems may arise. During pregnancy, women also face urinary issues which involve difficulty in controlling the bladder due to the stretched pelvic muscles. Hence, doing some exercises recommended by a physiotherapist would help in easing pregnancy related complications.

Smooth Delivery and Labour: Unless warned by a physician, doing physical exercise can improve flexibility and strength during pregnancy and childbirth. A perineal massage may be recommended by health care providers as it can improve stretching during labour. It would also reduce the chances of tearing within the region while giving birth. Electromyography or EMG during pregnancy physiotherapy sessions can help physiotherapists in detecting an apt position that would be more comfortable for a natural delivery. With proper testing and feedback, the delivery process can be smooth and devoid of any complications.

Quicker Recovery Post-Delivery: Women too need physical therapy just like athletes and accident victims to recover faster from childbirth. Most women like to get back to their normal activities without any difficulties as soon as the process of childbirth is over. With the right program and method of treatment this is possible and postpartum pain can be eased. A physiotherapist can prescribe selected exercises to help strengthen the weakened muscles.

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