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Take The First Steps to Healthy, Attractive Smiles with Professional Early Dental Care in California

Dental Care

By the age of one, most kids have cut their first teeth. Early dental care, on the other hand, should commence even earlier. Jihee Chun, DDS, and the Dental Kidz Club staff recommend parents to exercise gum care till their kid begins teething, at which stage they can schedule their initial dental visit. With convenient office locations in Corona, Riverside, Perris, Brea, Perris, Ontario, Covina, CA, Dental Kidz Club is a diverse community. Set up a consultation for your kid with a Covina early dental care specialist today by calling the office or requesting an online appointment.

When Should You Start Your Kid Early Dental Care?

Most parents wait till their kid has their initial tooth to consider early dental care, but did you realize that you may start caring for your kid’s teeth even before they appear?

The Dental Kidz Club staff suggests that all kids see a dentist by their initial birthday or whenever their first tooth emerges. Although these sessions appear to be too soon, they are an essential aspect of your kid’s oral health and aid with the following:

  • Detecting oral problems while they are easier to fix
  • Lowering the likelihood of dental infection and discomfort
  • Developing a relationship with the dental staff from a tender age
  • Giving sound counsel to parents and guardians

It is not too soon to start learning about oral health. Taking the very first measures now will make it much easier for your kid when they grow older.

How Can You Provide Early Dental Care To Your Kid If They Lack Teeth?

When a toddler feels something strange in their mouth, it is natural for them to resist it. The sooner you can get kids used to it, the smoother it will be to brush their teeth after they have them.

You could achieve this by rubbing a clean towel over your kid’s mouth following every feeding and delicately massaging their gums with a gauze pad or clean finger.

How Do You Incorporate Teeth Cleaning Into Early Dental Care?

When your kid’s initial tooth appears, start cleaning twice daily with a soft-bristled baby toothbrush or finger brush. You can also utilize a grain-sized portion of fluoride toothpaste, but no more than that because youngsters under three years cannot spat it out. You could start flossing when your kid has two teeth next to each other.

At routine checks, your practitioner at Dental Kidz Club will also attempt to brush your kid’s teeth. Do not worry if your kid wiggles or fails to open their lips during the first initial visits; this is quite normal. However, the more you exercise at home, the less intimidating it will be for your youngster.

Seeing the dentist could be intimidating for a kid, and that is why the pediatric dental staff at Dental Kidz Club, headed by Jihee Chun, DDS, goes out of their way to develop a peaceful, inviting environment from the time their young patients visit. Take the initiative toward healthy, pleasant teeth today by arranging an appointment through mobile or use the online scheduling tool. 

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