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Straighten Your Teeth with Clear Braces in Brooklyn, NY

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Teeth play a vital role in giving us an elegant smile and promoting our self-esteem. However, some people are not confident of their smile due to their teeth arrangement. Fortunately, you can have your teeth straightened using teeth braces. However, with most individuals who need braces to straighten their teeth, hesitating to get them due to their appearance, Susan Liebman, DMD, at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics, offers Brooklyn clear braces to straighten your teeth without having to cover your smile. Call or schedule an appointment online today to inquire if clear braces are the ideal treatment choice for you.

 What Are Clear Braces?

Traditional metal braces are the most common to most people when it comes to straightening their dental formula. In this case, clear braces function in the same way as metal braces. The doctor cements fixtures at the front of your teeth and installs metal bands around your back molars. A wire is then run through the fixtures and tightened to adjust your teeth. The difference between metal braces and clear braces is that clear braces are made of ceramic material that closely matches your teeth’s color. This makes it more difficult for others to see your braces. Even when you take photos, only a thin wire along your teeth will most likely be seen as the treatment gives you a healthy bite and straight teeth.

Are You A Right Candidate for Clear Braces?

Most people prefer clear braces as they are less noticeable than metal braces, making them easier to incorporate into your new social settings such as school or work without lowering your self-esteem. Although they are a better alternative to metal, they are not the perfect option for all orthodontic cases because they are more susceptible to breakage than metal braces. Clear braces are a perfect option if your teeth are slightly misaligned and don’t need much strength to pull them in place.  If your job involves a lot of speaking and mouth movements, it is recommendable to go for metal braces rather than clear braces.

How Should You Care for Your Clear Braces?

The process of caring for your clear braces is similar to caring for traditional braces. For your treatment plan to be completed without complications and efficiently, you should:

·         Avoid crunchy foods

·         Floss and brush your teeth always after eating

·         Stop smoking

·         Avoid biting hard objects

·         Avoid eating staining drinks and foods

·         Avoid sticky or chewy foods

·         Visit your dentist regularly for checkups

To maintain your clear braces in good condition, you should pay attention to what you consume because they might be susceptible to staining. These ceramic brackets can stain and turn darker than your tooth. The rubber bands involved in your teeth’s alignment can also be stained, although these are easy to change. Therefore, avoid staining drinks and food and as well ensure you brush your teeth regularly.

In conclusion, if you wish to straighten your teeth without the traditional metal braces, clear braces are the perfect option. Call Dr. Liebman at Brooklyn Heights Orthodontics or book an appointment online to restore a beautiful smile with clear braces today.

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