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Signs that Your Child could be having Mental Health Problems

signs child has mental health issue

Children are as vulnerable to mental health problems as adults. According to a study by the U.S. Surgeon General, approximately 20% of children in America suffer from mental issues each year. When combined with teenagers, the ratio of numbers rises to about 5 million. Parents and guardians are usually concerned about their children’s health but may not have an idea on how to notice the problems. Book an appointment with Dr. Alejandra Suzuki in Irvine for child and adult mental health treatment if you suspect a mental problem.

Below are signs you can use to monitor the health of your child:

Anger problems

Children are different from adults. Adults may be depressed, but children are usually more irritated by minor issues. When the child has anxiety for a very long time, it may accumulate and eventually burst out as anger. You will realize they get more aggressive than they usually were.

Trouble with sleep

Although it is common for children to have trouble with sleep at times, you will notice strange nightmares that make them find it very hard to sleep. When you see the problem getting worse, consider taking them to a specialist.

Problems in school

The first and immediate change you will note is declining grades that are unusual, especially if the child is a good performer. Additionally, they may develop discipline problems, and they could refuse to attend school.

Unexplained weight changes

When you begin seeing an abnormal weight gain or loss in your child, it could be a signal that they are having an eating disorder or even depression. Therefore, if they stop eating or start eating food in excess, talk to a qualified physician to check for a psychological turmoil.

Strange behaviours

You should expect strange behaviours at any time. Some such as hoarding scraps of paper or obsessive counting may be a sign of mental disorders like autism or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Behaviours inconsistent with a discipline strategy

Usually, children should adopt good behaviour when they expect a positive reward and keep off from the negative ones if they expect unpleasant consequences. However, if they behave in any other ways, it could be a sign of a behaviour disorder such as ADHD.

Unexplained pains

This could be another easy way to notice a mental condition. Such children usually complain too much about headaches, stomachaches, and various other ailments. If the doctor does not find a reason for the diseases, it could be a sign of emotional distress.

They will cease doing activities they like

A little anxiety is perfectly normal in children and adults. However, if the child stops doing activities they previously quickly did or were comfortable with, it could mean that they have a problem with mental anxiety.

You should never ignore any odd symptom. If you take them to a hospital and the doctor thinks that the child should be evaluated further, they will recommend the right staff. If a child asks to see a therapist, do not ignore it. Americas TMS Center specialists use a variety of approaches to treat mental health conditions in children and adults. Book an appointment today.

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