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Restore Your Confidence After Tooth Loss With Dentures


Losing your teeth can affect your self-esteem and confidence because it affects your mouth structure and appearance. You experience difficulty in chewing your food, thus affecting your health. It also affects your speech. Fortunately, Delray Dental Group has dentures in Delray Beach to help restore your confidence and great looks.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial sets of teeth and gum made of different materials, either plastic or hard resin, that matches your teeth.  The collection is designed to fit nicely into your mouth, being complete set or partial. It can be permanent or removable, depending on what you would like.

When should you see your dentist for dentures?

  •         When your doctor has extracted all your teeth  
  •         When you lose two to three teeth on the same set
  •         After having untreated gum disease, causing bone loss, teeth shifting, and more significant gaps
  •         To restore your beautiful mouth structure to look great.

Denture Types

When you visit your dentist, you will be taken through different types of dentures by your doctor. Your doctor will help you select the best one for you according to your condition.

Limited dentures

If you are missing two or three teeth, your doctor will recommend you go for partial dentures. They, too, are removable and supported by your other natural teeth by using precision attachments.

Implant-supported dentures

Your doctor may recommend you go for implant-supported dentures, which are permanent because your dentist will anchor them to your jawbone.

Complete dentures

Your doctor will recommend you for a complete denture if you lose all your teeth. The set is removable when sleeping and resembles your natural teeth.

Procedure for complete denture

Your doctor will check whether your gum has healed and ready to support the denture and take the imitation of your mouth.

Your doctor will use wax rims to get a perfect bite plus your teeth adaptation. Your doctor will also help you pick your teeth size, shape, and color you would like to put on the denture. All these will be sent to the dental lab to prepare the denture.

Before you receive the final denture, your doctor will schedule an appointment to go and fit in a denture sample to establish if it suits you and whether you are okay with the color, shape, and size. If you are satisfied with the model, your dentist will hand it over to the final design lab.

Your last appointment will be to fit in your final denture. During this day, your doctor will advise you to come back to the clinic if you experience any discomfort or pain in your gum as you get used to your new denture.

Maintaining Your Dentures

Your doctor will recommend you to do the following to maintain your dentures:

  •         Put on your dentures throughout the day and remove them before sleeping.
  •         Clean your dentures every day using a soft brush and soap, and rinse well.
  •         Clean your gum using a clean, soft cloth and toothpaste, and rinse well. 

For more details on dentures, call or book an appointment online with Delray Medical & Dental.

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