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Mental health issues and substance addiction are some of the most discouraging conditions. To receive quality treatment, you will need to outsource for the best healthcare services to guide you through the entire recovery process. There are multiple treatment choices, but none except for LifeSync offers full-time, board-certified specialists for addiction medicine in Malibu, CA.

At LifeSync Malibu, you will meet Dr. Booth, together with a team of well-qualified practitioners. You can reach out to their practice today through mobile or book online.

About Providers

At LifeSync, all patients regardless of age, gender, etc. from Malibu and neighboring communities are welcome to their practice. Led by Dr. Geoffrey Booth, the practitioners at this center aim to provide effective treatments for people suffering from addiction. Dr. Booth started this practice with a vision of offering safe, comfortable, and effective residential and detox treatment.

The team at LifeSync comprises psychiatrists, psychologists, and physicians. They all work together using a disciplinary approach to address the overall wellness of their patients. All these providers are here to ensure that patients receive the right treatment to prevent them from relapsing.

About Services

The specialists at LifeSync work closely with patients to understand how they got into addiction and help them overcome any fears that the addict might be experiencing. The environment at LifeSync is convenient, and their providers are quite caring and compassionate. Most of them have been into addiction before, hence understand their patients better. Dr. Booth is a renowned addiction specialist handling thousands of patients throughout his career. He definitely will have a way around your condition.

Some of the services provided at LifeSync include, but are not limited to, alcohol detoxification, residential treatment, and therapy. Other services include dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodrama, dual diagnosis, and relapse prevention. The providers at the facility maintain patient-provider confidentiality. They will not disclose any personal information to a third party unless the patient allows or the information creates a possible risk to people close to the patient.

What to Bring?

Patients of LifeSync need to understand the dos and don’ts. There are some materials that patients should bring along, such as personal accessories, insurance cards, identifications, and more. Some items should be left at home such as expensive jewelry, weapons, drugs (unless prescribed), etc. If you would like to learn more, reach out to the facility’s website.


LifeSync is located in a discreet and breathtaking environment. The soothing landscape that meets a patient is essential during the painful recovery process. Patients can reach out to LifeSync through mobile or request an appointment online. Dr. Booth and his team are open to any queries, concerns, or comments that patients may have about their practice.

To sum up, you can restore the quality of your life and continue pursuing your goals. LifeSync providers understand the various factors that lead one into addiction. They will work with you through the entire recovery process to offer the much needed moral support. If you have made up your mind to turn on a new leaf, you can call or request an appointment online.

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