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Reasons Why You Should Try Medical Cannabis

Reasons Why You Should Try Medical Cannabis 1

Traditional pharmaceutical treatments may prove inadequate to remedy your ailment. In times like these, medical marijuana might be the complementary therapy you need to treat your condition. At GreenBridge Medical, Dr. Kurzman is a medical cannabis specialist in Santa Monica shaping the health industry by offering medical cannabis as a complementary or substitute for traditional treatment.

Why You Should Choose GreenBridge Medical

The physicians expose you to a wide range of medical cannabis therapies able to treat your ailment. They get to meet people who have never tried cannabis before and give them options to traditional treatment.

Available Services

GreenBridge Medical uses medical marijuana to address a myriad of issues such as;

Insomnia and Anxiety-you need not worry about thinking all day and staying awake all night. Traditionally, these conditions were treated through medication, which may be insufficient. At GreenBridge Medical, anxiety disorders are treated with medical marijuana. The calming effect of cannabinoids present in medical marijuana can also provide you relief from symptoms such as lack of focus, excessive worrying, heart palpitations, and agitation.

Cancer-Cancer is among the cruelest diseases today. Its symptoms range from debilitating to annoying. With professional treatment from GreenBridge Medical, you can supplement your treatment with prescribed medical cannabis to make your condition more manageable.

Seizures-Seizures are caused by many factors and have symptoms that vary from one individual to another. Lucky for you, Medical cannabis can help relieve the symptoms of seizures. Anticonvulsant medications are traditional therapy for seizures. However, you can combine your daily treatment procedure with medical marijuana to make your condition more tolerable.

Autism-Over time, this condition has been misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Autism has, however, been more understood in recent years. At GreenBridge Medical, Dr. Kurzman and Dr. Frankel will introduce you to ways that will make your life easier by incorporating dosed medical marijuana to your treatment. Cannabis is effective in managing autism. This is due to its abundant composition of compounds, cannabidiol, and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Chronic painpain is supposed to be temporary. This may, however, not be the case for some people. Relief may seem unachievable for individuals suffering from chronic pain syndrome. With the administration of prescribed cannabis, GreenBridge Medical has been successful in giving patients comfort from this condition as a replacement for opioids and common painkillers.

Migraines-At GreenBridge Medical, Dr. Frankel and Dr. Kurtzman expose patients to cannabis medications able to give you relief from migraines. This condition is characterized by severe pain, usually to the side of your head. Whole plant cannabis prevents migraine episodes from occurring.

Crohn’s DiseaseThe disease symptoms involve inflammation of your intestinal tract that causes severe abdominal pain. Dosed cannabis administered by the practitioners has proved to offer customers some relief from this condition. Satisfied customers have asserted that medical marijuana has helped to alleviate them from the state.

Fibromyalgiathis annoying condition has an array of symptoms ranging from fatigue, widespread pain, and cognitive issues, among others. You need to worry less about this condition because through combining medication and some changes in lifestyle, this condition can be manageable. Patients can benefit from all plant cannabis or individual cannabinoids to ease this condition.

Are you experiencing any of the above disorders? Would you be interested to know more about medical marijuana? Call or schedule an appointment with GreenBridge Medical physicians located in Santa Monica, California, for dosed medical marijuana therapies.

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