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Oral Health Treatment

Nothing warms a heart like a good smile accompanied by an admirable set of white teeth. A flawed dental system can kill your self-esteem. You will always feel like covering your mouth or avoid settings of several people for fear of criticism. Adequate care of your mouth, gums, and teeth is a goal everyone should aim at. Teeth that are well taken care of have various benefits including a good breath, prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, and also enable you to maintain good health. However, dental flaws are inevitable. Issues like tooth sensitivity, periodontitis, gingivitis, or gum disease, and cracked teeth are common. Though not all dental problems require oral surgery, some of these cases require the services of a specialist, and Perio & Implant Center Monterey Bay and Silicon Valley is one of the best Monterey, CA oral surgery facilities with professional oral dentists.

What are the various areas of oral dentistry?

A well-trained professional dentists’ team solves significant dental worries, including tooth decay, bone grafting, and dental implants. Some of the dental problems taken care of at Perio & Implant Center include:

  • Gum disease. Puffed-up and swollen gums that bleed during brushing are indications you could be developing a gum infection. When ignored, the bacteria deepens and affects your enamel and the ligaments that connect the tooth to the jawbone.
  • Teeth replacement. This replacement includes dental implants, bone grafting, tooth removal and the extraordinary healing advancement of Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF).
  • Save teeth. Procedures in saving teeth are:
  • Bone grafting – this is the replacing of missing bone with a new bone
  • Plastic surgery of the gums
  • Lanap laser dentistry
  • Oral pathology
  • Dental screening
  • 3D computer-guided dental implants
  • Save existing dental implants. Procedures like crown lengthening are done to improve the state of the gum tissue
  • Sleep dentistry

Must I be sedated during oral treatment?

A visit to the dentist is usually anxiety-stricken. This usually happens because of dental and pain anxieties some people possess. However, at Perio & Implant Centers, you will have the chance to tell your doctor of your fear and he will recommend you sleep dentistry. He will then offer sedation level options depending on your anxiety and the work to be done. Types of sedation used include:

  • Minimal sedation. This sedation involves the use of nitrous oxide or taking a sedation pill shortly before your appointment. When you are minimally sedated, you will be awake but not anxious.
  • Moderate sedation. Done either orally or through IV forms, patients moderately sedated respond to verbal commands but do not recall the ordeal.
  • Deep sedation. This sedation puts you in a deep sleep from which you cannot be roused until the effects of the medication wears off.

Are laser treatments safe?

Yes, laser treatments are very safe. The treatments require your doctor to use laser light to remove bacteria from your gum pockets smoothly. There is no use of heat; thus, your nerves remain undisturbed. After the laser light has killed the bacteria, your doctor will use an ultrasound scaler’s waves to loosen tartar surrounding the tooth. Finally, the laser light cleans the tooth pocket allowing the new bone to grow naturally.

A healthy mouth is a healthy smile. Do not sit and lose all your teeth when you can get help. For more information on oral dentistry, consult your doctor.

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