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Oocyte Cryopreservation at Innovation Fertility Preservation and IVF, NY

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In the past couple of years, oocyte cryopreservation has advanced efficiently with the general success of the oocyte surviving the freezing procedure. Dr. Kutluk Oktay offers diverse therapeutic expert choices, including egg freezing in New York, a world-renowned specialist in infertility and reproductive endocrinology. He is conveniently located in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Oktay compassionately helps women attain their goals of bearing children despite having any health complications. For instance, a condition is likely to affect your fertility, such as an autoimmune disorder like lupus or cancer requiring chemotherapy.

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Oocyte cryopreservation is a procedure involving the extraction of an oocyte or egg of a woman then frozen and stored as a way of preserving her potential to reproduce. The procedure is done in her reproductive age bracket. The technique is no longer under the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s experiment. It has technically improved the survival rate of the gamete, fertilization ability, and rates of live births in the recent five years.


Dr. Oktay recommends cryopreservation for several reasons such as;

  1. Preservation of your fertility for individual or social purposes of delaying childbearing.
  2. You have an ovarian disease that threatens damage to your ovaries.
  3. Genetic mutations that need your ovaries to be removed, like in BRCA mutation.
  4. Needing a pelvic radiation treatment may affect your fertility.
  5. Having abnormalities of the chromosomes triggers the premature failure of the ovary.
  6. Surgery is likely to destroy your ovaries.
  7. When undergoing in vitro fertilization, you might choose egg freezing for religious reasons.

How to Prepare

Before the start of oocyte cryopreservation, Dr. Oktay will conduct a screen blood test and pelvic ultrasound, including;

  • Screening for any infectious disease like hepatitis B and C or HIV
  • Tests for ovarian reserve; to evaluate the response of your ovaries to fertility medication, quality, and quantity of your eggs. He also tests the estradiol and concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone for determining the required medication dosage.

In any case, the cryopreservation expenses are of concern; ask to be informed of the costs related to every step of the process and the annual storage fees. Remember that the success rate factors highly depend on your age at the extraction time of the eggs.

How Cryopreservation Is Conducted

Like in vitro fertilization (IVF), ovarian stimulation is carried out by injecting hormonal medications. The eggs and the ovarian follicle fluid then aspirate in the vagina while you are under sedation. The mature eggs are cryopreserved by vitrification method through ultra-rapid cooling in liquid nitrogen.

Viability after Freezing

Eggs are stored at a stable temperature with no adverse effects for longer than a decade(s.) The number of eggs for preservation to increase the chances of success is not concrete. But, it depends on factors like age and the number of frozen eggs. Due to this uncertainty, Dr. Oktay did the only study that enabled him to create an egg freezing success rate calculator currently used worldwide.

Egg Freezing Success Calculator

The calculator helps Dr. Oktay to evaluate the best success rate in three ways as highlighted;

  • Number of the frozen oocyte (thawed)
  • The number of the sperm-injected thawed oocyte.
  • The number of transferred embryos.

If you are interested to know more about Dr. Oktay’s cryopreservation services and Success Calculator, call or book an appointment online today.

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