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Mobility Products Enhance People’s Enjoyment of Life

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Thanks to mobility products, people who are older or who have certain disabilities find it easier to relax or get from one place to another. Products are offered in the form of motorised recliners, adjustable electric beds, and wheelchairs.

Some of the Features of an Adjustable Bed

If you have troubles with getting in and out of bed and need additional support, you may want to consider an adjustable electric bed. This bed is made to meet the user’s needs functionally. Beds are manually constructed using the finest in timber and are further supported by skittle legs made of hardwood.

The legs permit the user to store things beneath the bed. The user presses a button to adjust the bed’s positioning as well. In addition, tension-adjustable slats create a more luxurious and relaxed sleep experience.

Firm Support and Pressure Relief

A bed that offers this type of mobility in Northamptonshire also comes with four types of mattress choices. A standard mattress made with memory foam is offered that is placed over a firm foam base. The mattress is designed for anyone who wishes both firm support and pressure relief.

Do You Need a Softer Mattress?

A memory foam supreme mattress is also available. This type of mattress features memory foam that is 80 millimetres deep. It also offers an aloe vera cool mat cover for the ultimate in luxury. This type of mattress is recommended for people seeking a soft mattress that offers pressure relief.

Pocket Spring Designs

Pocket spring mattresses can also be used on an adjustable bed. This type of mattress is made with springs that move, which supports varying shifts in weight. The mattress is upholstered with deep premium fillings. It provides both firmness and support.

A pocket spring memory mattress is a popular, top-selling bedding accessory. This mattress features coil springs that are inserted inside of calico pockets and supported by webbing of a high tensile design. To top off the mattress, 30-millimetre-thick memory foam layers are added to produce an exceptionally comfortable mattress. This mattress is an ideal selection for anyone who needs a soft-to-medium mattress that provides pressure relief.

You can choose adjustable beds in one of a variety of colours. These colours include such offerings as ivory, red, cream, green, or blue. However, that is only a small sampling of the hues. You can buy the bed with or without a headboard too.

Do You Need a Wheelchair?

You may also be interested in a wheelchair for getting around. One wheelchair that is a great value for the money offers flip-down handles, flip-back armrests, and footrests that swing away. This premium yet affordable wheelchair has been crash-tested for quality.

A Lift-and-Rise Recliner

A lift-and-rise recliner also makes it easy for you to recline and rise from the chair. The recliner, which is fitted with castors or glides for easier movement, offers a dual motor design. The dual motor on the chair lifts and tilts the recliner so that ingress and egress is simple. People who suffer from poor circulation, rheumatism, arthritis, or mobility difficulties can make full use of the chair.

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