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Life-saving Skills Are Valued by the National Resuscitation Council Singapore


Life-saving skills are so important and a lot of Singaporeans are gathering these skills. When they do develop life-saving skills, they definitely become more employable. At present, eighty-four thousand people are taking cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses in the Republic. These are also known as CPR courses and the numbers of men and women taking this form of training has tripled since 2008.

Numbers rose due to increased awareness of the advantages of having the right CPR training, via accredited training courses which are recognized by the Republic’s governing body, NRCS (National Resuscitation Council Singapore). There are now more CPR courses than ever to choose from. There are twenty-eight accredited training programs in 2008. As of 2016, there were ninety-three of these programs in place in Singapore.

When people know CPR, they are poised to save lives. It’s essential when people collapse and need help in order to breathe. Bystanders who know CPR save lives every day, all over the world. Each moment that passes whereby CPR is not administered will lower a collapsed person’s odds of surviving by seven to ten percent.

With this in mind, Singapore’s SGSecure drive was launched just one month ago. It’s designed to help the public get ready for terrorist acts and handle them more effectively. CPR is one important aspect of helping those who are victims of terrorist acts. For this reason, the People’s Association has brought CPR into the forefront and is offering AED (automated external defibrillator) training to regular citizens and to members of response teams for community emergencies. An AED is a device which will restart human hearts which have ceased to beat.

In addition, many people have made the decision to sign on for CPR training due to another program, known as the Dispatcher-Assisted First Responder program. In this program, participants are showed how to analyze the responsiveness of victims, how to phone 995 for help and how to remain on the 995 telephone connection as they utilize cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

At present, almost thirty-six thousand students and instructors from seventy educational facilities across Singapore have participated in the DARE initiative. Students in level Primary 5 are beginning lessons which are theory-based and related to understanding and using AED decides and CPR. Next year, students at the Secondary 1 level will begin to learn the same things.

CPR is Good for Singapore

In a perfect world, everyone would know how to administer life-saving CPR during emergency situations. While that goal may not be achievable, it’s safe to say that more and more people who live in the Republic are learning how to use this procedure in order to help others who are in crisis.

Since CPR training makes people more employable and also primed them to provide important assistance when people collapse, the fact that more and more people are discovering CPR and AED devices is good news for Singapore. In the future, the numbers of citizens who know CPR may rise even higher. If so, Singapore will become an even safer place to live.

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