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Know about United India Insurance – Travel Plans

Know about United India Insurance - Travel Plans 1

Travels are inevitable, be it for business, leisure, a family vacation or just to pursue your interest. It is very important to ensure that we make the best out of such trips and not get overwhelmed by any unforeseen mishaps and misfortunes.

This brings us to travel insurance policies. These are an essential aspect of preparedness for any kind of trip and provide us with a safety net when on a foreign or a new place.


United India Insurance is one of the brands which is renowned for its excellent travel insurance plans. Incorporated as a company on 18th Feb 1938, the United India Insurance company Ltd was formed with the merger of 12 National insurance companies, 4 cooperative insurance societies, the Indian body of 5 foreign insurance firms, and the general insurance operations of LIC of India, southern region.

It has grown leaps and bounds since its nationalization and has a huge workforce of around 18300 employees and a customer base of over a crore policy holders. They have their presence in more than 200 tier II and III cities through their 1340 offices and many other micro offices across India.

It has implemented and structured insurance covers for organisations like ONGC Ltd, Mumbai and Hyderabad International Airport Ltd, and Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam trust. They provide cover against a plethora of accidents and glitches one might encounter during their trip. In addition to this, they also have an uncomplicated and straightforward documentation and claim processing procedure which makes it stand apart from its competitors.


United India Insurance has two categories of travel insurance plans- Overseas and domestic.

#1.Overseas- Business and Holiday

This variant has three sub categories based on the requirement and purpose. There is a category for business and vacation, one for those wishing to travel abroad for studies or employment and one specifically targeting frequent flyers.

In the business and holiday category, you would get a sum insured of

  1. minimum USD 50,000 with medical examination and USD 10,000 without medical examination (excluding the USA and Canada)
  2. minimum of USD 1 lakh with medical examination and USD 10,000 without medical examination (including the USA and Canada)

as sickness cover in case of any health ailment or medical conditions you might get on the course of your journey.

You also have the option of opting for policies which don’t give you a sickness cover. In this case, you would get a minimum of USD 50,000 as the sum insured for treatments in case of any accidents.

The insurance also covers loss or delay of baggage delivery. If you are travelling overseas, you are entitled to a sum insured of around USD 1000 in the case of loss of baggage and USD 100 if there is a delay of more than 12hrs from the time you landed.

In the case of loss of passport, you are entitled to a sum insured of USD 150 if you lose your passport during your overseas trip.

#2. Overseas- Frequent Flyers

United India Insurance has a specially designed travel policy for their frequent flying clients who don’t have the time to apply for travel policies every time they travel. A frequent flyer can choose a policy with or without a sickness cover.

Under the policy which includes sickness cover, the traveller would get a sum insured of USD 1,00,000 (Plan E1) with medical examination and USD 10,000 without medical examination or USD 5,00,000 (Plan E2) with medical examination and USD 10,000 without medical examination for any illness and for treatment following an accident. Apart from this, the flyer also gets a cover of USD 25,000 against personal accidents. In the policy which excludes sickness cover, the flyer would be entitled a cover of USD 1,00,000 (Plan LE1) and USD 5,00,000 (Plan LE2) against treatment following an accident and for personal accident.

The travel policy also includes a sum insured of USD 1000 in case of loss of baggage and USD 100 in case of delay in baggage. In case of loss of passport, you are entitled to a minimum of USD 150 (Plan E1 and LE1) and a maximum of USD 250 (Plan E2, LE2). The traveller would also get a cover of USD 2,00,000 as part of a personal liability.

#3. Overseas- Employment and Studies

This policy is dedicated to people travelling for employment and study purposes and plans to stay for longer durations. This travel policy comes with two variants and a traveller can choose between a policy which covers USA and Canada or the other one which doesn’t. It gives a sum insured of USD 1500 against medical expenses. The policy also covers repatriation (deportation) and reunion expenses. The travel policy is valid for individuals of the age group 5-60 years for a trip duration ranging from a minimum of two months to a maximum of 1year and it decreases to a minimum of 1month post renewal.

#4. Domestic-Suhana Safar Plan

This is specifically designed for a family travel and covers personal loss, accidents, and baggage loss for travels within the country. The policy is applicable for a single round travel of duration not exceeding 2 months (60 days).

It includes a sum insured of Rs.1 lakh for personal accidents and incidental expenses of around Rs.1000 per member. You can claim the value of your lost baggage and that of your spouse and other dependents in the event of fire, riots, theft, and damage with an amount not exceeding Rs. 500 per article. However, if you have specifically declared the value of certain articles, the same can be claimed

#5. Domestic-Baggage policy

The coverage in this policy is strictly restricted to your accompanied baggage during unforeseen conditions like theft, fire, riots, terrorist activity and damage. It does not cover baggage containing precious items, cash or jewellery. The reimbursement is done on a strict basis of insurance and is restricted only to the contents of the baggage.

#6.Marga Bandhu plan

This is designed for those going on long pilgrimages and study tour for a longer duration. The policy pays 100% of Capital Sum Assured on death and Total Permanent Disability 50 % of the sum insured in case of loss of a limb or one eye. It includes a sum insured of Rs. 1 lakh for personal accidents and incidental expenses of around Rs. 1000 per member.

You also get insured against any unforeseen detours or additional expenses due to cancellations in the event of an accident to the vehicle or train during the tour.


  • Any kind of pre diagnosed medical conditions, ailments due to neglecting of physician’s advice, the influence of alcohol or drugs, if caused intentionally by the policy holder or if occurring due to mental conditions like depression, anxiety or stress will not be insured.
  • Medical conditions like pregnancy are also not included in the policy claim.
  • Treatment of accidents, ailments or claims for damage due to invasions, participation in rebellions or riots, damage or destruction of the local authority or government body will be treated as exclusions.
  • Any loss or damage due to depreciation or wear and tear of baggage is treated as exclusion. The policy holder cannot claim compensation under more than one clause for a specific period.
  • The policy holder is also not insured against loss of documents, manuscripts or money during the travel.
  • Claims of accidents or damage due to any risky sporting activity, involvement in any operations of the armed forces or due to exposure to radioactive wastes, explosives or toxic substances will also be treated as exclusions to the policy.

To conclude, travel insurance adds a layer of security to your travel plans, and you are always ready for multiple unexpected scenarios. So the next time you are planning a vacation, don’t miss getting travel insurance!

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