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Is Reconstructive Surgery Right For You?


Confidence is one important aspect of being beautiful. Many women have some difficulties being confident about themselves if they know and feel something is wrong within them. Many people’s perspectives on being beautiful have now been associated with being thin, having a perfect nose, smooth skin, white skin, being young, etc. One of the ways to achieve these qualities is through reconstructive surgery. Many people have been obsessed with making themselves appear beautiful in the eyes of other people. But reconstructive surgery is also done not really for appearance, but to improve the function of a certain part of the body. Are you thinking of having one of those reconstructive surgeries? Your doctors, like an obgyn or other specialists, would be able to help you make this decision. Let’s take a look at a few facts.


What Is Reconstructive Surgery?

Reconstructive surgery is a process that people go through when they want something to be fixed in their body or on their face. For example, people who have had an accident and a part of their body has been deformed could choose to go through reconstructive surgery to restore or correct the appearance or function of the affected area. Some people who have gone through cancer treatment also choose to go through reconstructive surgery due to the side effects of the treatment.

How Does Reconstructive Surgery Work?

Reconstructive surgery is done in many ways, depending on the purpose. There are different types of reconstructive surgery as well.

Micro Vascular Surgery – This is a surgery where tissues and muscles from another part of the body is taken and used in the part of the body where surgery is needed.

Reduction Or Breast Reconstructive Surgery – Women who have very large breasts that cause back pain can undergo breast reduction surgery. On the other hand, women who had a mastectomy can also go through breast reconstructive surgery. In a cosmetic surgery, women who have small breasts and want bigger ones can go through breast enlargement surgery.

Feet And Hands Surgery – Women who are born with defects, such as having extra toes or fingers, can go through this surgery. This surgery allows them to have an extra part of their feet or hands removed. People with carpal tunnel syndrome can also have a hand surgery.

Flap Procedures Or Microsurgery – People whose body parts are affected by an injury or illness can undergo a flap procedure. With microsurgery, body parts that were affected by an illness or accident can be replaced.

Facial Surgeries – People who were born with a cleft palate can undergo facial surgery to fix their abnormalities. People who snore and have breathing problems can be helped by facial surgery, as well as those who have chronic infections.

What Are The Risks Of Reconstructive Surgery?

In any kind of surgery, there are some certain risks. That is why it is important to follow the doctor’s instruction and you have to take care of yourself properly.

Infections – This is the most common complication that might happen to a person that has undergone surgery. If the wound is not cleaned properly or if it is exposed to an unclean environment, it has the possibility to be infected. Anti bacterial medication should be taken as ordered by the doctor to avoid infections.

Excessive Bleeding – There are people who react differently to surgeries. Some people have problems with their blood so they may bleed excessively. Some people move too much as well, which is why they bleed too much. The doctor’s attention must be sought at once.


Wounds Don’t Heal Right Away – People who have high blood sugar levels may have some problem in with their wound healing.

Bruising – People who have blood problems may experience bruising after the surgery. It should be shown to the doctor at once.

Surgery And Anesthesia Problems – People react differently to anesthesia. Minor problems might be experienced when under the influence of anesthesia. Some surgery problems might be encountered as well, such as not being happy with the reconstructive surgery results or the surgery is not done well or accurately.

To minimize all of these risks, you should look for a doctor, obgyn or specialist as well as a hospital or clinic that specializes in what you want to be done.

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