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Is Anabol REALLY the Strongest Steroid for Muscle Gains

Strongest Steroid

Anabol is also called as Dianabol. This steroid is available both in injectable and oral form. It is very effective when it comes to protein metabolism. It takes a major role in protein build up and synthesis. This is why it results in overall good health and great balance of nitrogen. Apart from this since it also helps in enhancing calcium deposit in bones, it takes care of calcium balance in the body.

When an individual uses it properly, he can gain 2-4 pounds every week in a 6 week cycle. There will be increased water retention and as well as increased muscle mass. Anabol is easy to aromatize. That is why if an individual is looking out for a competition then he should not use this steroid. In this case one can choose either Novadex or proviron since they result in changing into estrogen and water retention.

How it is used?

Dbol is used in high doses by weightlifters, power lifters, and bodybuilders. Some of them consume 20-30 tablets every day. That means on an average they intake fifteen to forty mg a day. Based on the needs of an individual dosage will vary and gains form taking Dianabol.

If an individual is taking Anabol for the first time, then he can follow a dose of 15 mg to 20 mg a day for 8- 10 weeks. It is better to reduce the dose once the person feels that effects are reducing. At this time he should combine other injectables with Anabol like Deca. Either primobolan or Deca can be combined in a dosage of around 200 mg per week. Testosterone should not be stacked especially at this point.

Advanced users can go for 20 mg to 30 mg of Anabol daily and they can stack it with Deca at 200 mg to 400 mg daily. For these users this stack can do miracles. Even though one is not going for any competitions they can use Anabol and it will give them good results. If the athlete is advanced and he weighs more than 220 then he must restrict the dose below 40 mg.

At high doses like 60 mg and more Anabol will stop doing anything and it is considered desperate and stupid at this point. That is why experts opinion that steroids like Anabol should not be abused. If done, they will stop working after a while.

Anabol stack:

Since Anadrol and Anabol have the same effects, if they combined they may result in overkill. Fi the intention is to build mass, then Anabol must be stacked with Anavar or Winstrol. Especially if one chooses to take injectable form of these steroids then he will see great results. If an individual wants to become stronger and build bone mass, then he can stack Anabol with Testoviron or Sustanon at 250 mg every week. Otherwise they can also go for Deca Durabolin every week at 200 mg.

Since Anabol changes to estrogen, it results in water retention. This is why it blocks braking down of fat. That is Anabol is not suitable if one is going for competition.

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