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Increase The Safety Of Your Pregnancy With A Preimplantation Procedure

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Giving birth to a child is one of the sweetest moments in life. However, you will feel even more delighted when your child has little to no defects. At OC Fertility in Newport Beach, preimplantation genetic testing is available to enhance in vitro fertilization; thereby, increasing the chances of your conceiving and delivering a healthy baby. Sharon Moayeri, MD, and her skilled colleagues are knowledgeable and experienced in utilizing modern medical advancements to ensure your child is just right. The procedure involves selecting the best embryos and implanting them into the mother’s uterus.

How Do Preimplantation Genetic Tests Work?

Preimplantation is a procedure that helps women who are prone to miscarriages or fertility problems to have the best chance of giving birth. The services offered at OC Fertility ensure you become a mother even if the odds are stacked against you. You can conveniently receive this service at any of your productive ages, especially for women in their thirties who may be focused on other pursuits. OC Fertility administers various tests and examinations that will help determine the cause of your past miscarriages. Additionally, you will receive comprehensive feedback about other issues in your productive health system that may be contributing to your fertility-related issues and/or which may affect the health of your desired child.

Such tests will be administered before the blastocyst stage, i.e., the stage in which the embryo reaches the uterus for fertilization. To help ensure safety, OC Fertility will only select a few cells from the embryo, with your doctor administering the test 5-7 days after fertilization occurs. OC Fertility also has biopsy procedures that help determine whether your intended pregnancy is high risk or not.

Preimplantation offers various options for determining the risk level of your pregnancy. The options include:

  • Preimplantation testing
  • Comprehensive chromosome checks

You can rest assured that your OC Fertility doctor uses various techniques to ensure your embryo’s safety as you await the biopsy results. Not only does OC Fertility have freezers in place to help preserve your precious embryo until the results are in, but preimplantation tests are also safe and do not influence your health in any way, especially when having in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

The Importance Of Having A Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (CCS)

Comprehensive chromosome tests help determine your genetic state for the type and number of chromosomes in your system. Where healthy embryos have a specific number of chromosomes, your doctor will check to make sure all chromosomes are present when determining your embryos’ health. If the embryo does not meet the threshold, you will be at risk of a miscarriage. As a mother, you produce half the chromosomes the embryo needs, while the father provides the rest.

Having fewer than 23 chromosomes will cause a series of congenital disabilities and, in some cases, complications to the child. For instance, 13 is a number that indicates your child will likely have Patau syndrome. Additionally, the more you age, the greater the chance your child will have congenital disabilities. Also, patients with the following issues have a larger likelihood of birth complications:

  • Irregularities in the function of the ovaries
  • Unsuccessful fertility treatments in the past
  • Embryo Banking
  • Having a history of miscarriages

Increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy with reproductive health procedures at OC Fertility. Find out if your pregnancy will have any issues today by calling or booking an appointment online.

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