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Hip replacement is a life transforming step to bring a stop to chronic pain and to restore you to a good quality of life. But, remember that this is a major surgery with an intense period of recovery. Hence it is wise to be ready with adequate preparations.

Here are some tips for preparing for surgery:


You must keep your body strong and healthy to face surgery. In the weeks ahead of your surgery, your medical team will ask you to take care of the following:

  • Nutrition: You must eat nutritious, well balanced meals. But take care that before surgery, you don’t undertake any fad diets or even refrain from taking any dietary supplements. In the days leading to surgery, eat healthy meals and drink plenty of water. Consuming proteins can help in healing process.
  • Finances: Be prepared to meet total hip replacement cost in india.
  • Medication: carefully create a list of all medications you consume that include all drugs (prescription or over-the counter), purchased from a drug store. Do not leave out list of vitamins and other dietary supplements. You must present this list to your medical team. Your doctor may advise you to stops certain drugs, which may affect bleeding during surgery or may interact with any medication like anesthesia which may be given during or after surgery.
  • Smoking: It is sure that you will be encouraged to stop smoking at least a week before surgery. Smoking affects your lungs and blood vessels and may slow down your recovery after surgery.
  • Exercise: Find out from your medical team about any exercise to do prior to surgery. You may be advised to certain exercises of the upper body which will ease your moving around with crutches after surgery. These may include exercises to help strengthen hip and leg muscles.
  • Rest: Get good sleep before surgery. You may need to be well rested to face such a major surgery.
  • Attitude: This surgery will have major impact on your life. For the first few weeks, you may be unable to do any routine tasks on your own and may also need to deal with pain. You must be ready emotionally and mentally to deal with such realities. You must buck yourself up, drawing all your mental strength to prepare for the long road to recovery.
  • Blood donation: Surgeries often cause blood loss. Consider with your medical team the prospect of storing your own blood before the operation which can be used if you need transfusion.


  • Make preparations to avoid stairs and using a second floor of your home after surgery. Plan to recover in the ground floor of your home.
  • Remove all impediments to easy movement like electric cords and rugs in your home.
  • Arrange for a sturdy chair and lots of pillows to rest your legs.
  • Place all objects you need frequently like utensils, clothing etc, within easy reach.
  • Get assistive devices like reachers, raised toilet seats, walkers, shower chairs etc.
  • Arrange for ready access to insurance to meet hip replacement surgery cost in india.

These are some ideas on how to prepare for hip surgery in India.

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