How to Look Great With a Sun Kissed Tan

Look Great

Give your skin a premium treatment by using a self tanning lotion or a spray tan. If you desire to give your skin that dream tan you’ve always yearned for, why not treat yourself to a spray tan? You no longer have to wait for summers and laze in the sun before you can get a tan. Spray tans gives you the much needed confidence to reveal more of your body in your favorite dresses, without any cause to worry about your skin or looking unnatural.

A Sunkissed glow gives your skin that radiant and healthy look so a spray tan doesn’t always have to look like you just got back from the tropic. A well done spray tan always increases your confidence and can even make you appear slimmer and fitter so it’s best to research the most professional salon. If you are looking for the perfect place to get an incredible tan and stunning look, then the place to be is Gotham Glow. They have what it takes to give you that gorgeous glow you’ve always desired.

Tanning in the actual sun is no longer a great idea. The ultraviolet rays from the sun are getting more harmful and dangerous than ever. The rapid industrialization is taking its toll on our ecosystem; the ozone layer is getting depleted daily. Long and constant exposure to sun rays has even been linked to some form of skin cancer. Tanning beds were thought to be the solution to tanning without having to expose the body to the sun. But it turned out to be unsafe and a major health hazard not to mention making you look too older before your time. Eventually the sunless tanning problem was still left without a solution.

As technology made more strides, the airbrush tanning system was introduced. The main idea was to produce a golden bronze finish that appeared radiant, healthy and most importantly without exposing your body to the harmful effects of UV rays.

Go ahead and give your skin that luxurious sunkissed glow it needs and try and airbrush tan. It is the fastest, most convenient way to achieve incredibly natural results.

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