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How to Cope up With Expanders

orthodontic expanders

You can benefit from orthodontic expanders if you have alignment issues like crooked, overlapping, or crowding teeth. Orthodontist Robert J. Lopatkin, DDS, offers expanders in Roslyn to prevent further complications and boost your oral health. But if you have never used expanders before, you might be wondering how you will handle the device in your daily life. It can be made easier through some lifestyle, diet, and oral hygiene modifications. If you are considering getting expanders, here are some helpful tips to guide you in coping up with the devices. Have a look.

Invest More in Soft Foods and Liquids

Eating will be compromised somehow after getting expanders, and you have to make your food choices wisely. It is better to choose soft foods and liquids that can give you adequate nourishment with less chewing. Go for healthy shakes, ice cream, yogurt, soup, mashed vegetables, or mashed bananas. You will be able to shift to your regular diet as time goes by when you will need the expanders less. But remember to use a thin straw and take small sips when taking the drinks. Also, take small bites of the soft foods and chew gently to minimize exerting pressure on your jawbone.

Keep a Hankie with You

After getting expanders, your mouth will probably produce more saliva than usual. Therefore, you will have to wipe your mouth frequently, and you ought to be well equipped. Having a hankie or a napkin around you all time will help you maintain things neat and dry throughout your treatment. It will boost your confidence and self-esteem as you interact with others.

Eat Solid Food When Discomfort is Low

Your discomfort will go down over time, and you can take that opportunity to eat your favorite solid foods. Please take note and act quickly when the opportunities present themselves to you before you feel discomfort again. With patience, you can grab pizza, sandwiches, or pasta. But remember to take small bites and chew gently to avoid simulating pain.

Keep the Expander Clean

Cleaning is essential throughout your treatment. You are to keep on with your routine oral healthcare and only make some adjustments accordingly. Stick with brushing and flossing daily, but you can consider getting a Waterpik water flosser to clean hard-to-reach areas. Remember to pack tiny and regular toothbrushes when dining out and excuse yourself to brush your teeth gently. If your child is using the expander, ensure you consult your doctor about how to clean and adjust the expander depending on the degree of expansion needed.

Manage Pain and Discomfort

You will experience some degree of pain and discomfort when using expanders. But you can deal with the pain in several ways to improve your experience and lead a quality life. You can take some liquid Advil, especially about 30 minutes when you turn the expander to help with inflammation and discomfort after increasing the expander. You can also ensure that you expand the device after mealtime to minimize pressure and allow rest. You can also ice your cheeks to reduce your discomfort and relieve the inflammation at the site. But remember not to administer the ice directly to your skin. Use a dry towel or cloth to wrap the ice first.

Schedule your expander consultation appointment with Dr. Lopatkin at Advanced Digital Orthodontics today to learn more about the treatment. Your provider will direct you on how to deal with the device through your therapy.

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