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How to Buy the Right Pair of Boxing Gloves

How to Buy the Right Pair of Boxing Gloves 1

Gloves are generally used to protect your hands and to provide you with a better grip. In the game of boxing, gloves play a very important role. Back when this specific type of sport was first introduced, the boxers actually didn’t wear any gloves. With little to no protection, the fights were usually quite gruesome and gory. Boxers would commonly end up breaking their jaws or losing an eye during the bouts. With the passage of time, however, different safety features were introduced. Boxers were eventually required to wear mouthguards and helmets at one point in time, and then boxing gloves were introduced.

Today, boxing gloves are padded and they offer protection not only to the guy who’s throwing the punch, but also to the one on the receiving end. Boxers have to be very careful when fighting in the ring. The referee always checks the gloves before allowing the fight to begin in the ring, which is done to ensure that there’s nothing hiding inside to inflict more damage, such as metallic objects or stones. However, you should know that wearing the right pair of gloves could actually have a huge impact upon your performance in the ring. Here are a few important things that you should know about buying gloves for boxing.


The weight of each glove could impact your performance considerably. If you are wearing markedly heavy gloves, it will require more effort to throw a punch. Similarly, it can also affect your speed. Due to the heavy weights on your hand, your opponent will be able to gauge your moves and see your punches a few moments before you actually throw them, thus reducing your chances of winning. You need to purchase lightweight gloves for boxing that don’t hamper your performance. Before making a purchase, it’s always wise to try on several pairs before selecting any particular pair of boxing gloves.


The size of your gloves also plays an important role. Every person has different sized hands. It’s important for you to choose a pair of gloves that actually fit properly on your hands. If you purchase oversized gloves for your hands, it will be difficult to perform at the peak of your abilities. Boxing is all about moving about and keeping your hands up. Again, if the size of your gloves is too big, managing your fight is going to be more difficult than it needs to be.


Two of the most popular materials used for manufacturing boxing gloves are leather and vinyl. Vinyl is obviously a cheaper alternative as compared to leather, mainly because it’s readily available and the production process is also much simpler. However, vinyl gloves aren’t going to last you as long as the leather ones.

While leather gloves may be more expensive, they will also last for a longer period of time. It’s important that you consider your options carefully before buying any pair of gloves. At the end of the day, it’s all about buying a pair of gloves that you feel comfortable with. Brand names do play a role, so you should check out some locally branded gloves first before you decide which particular pair to buy.

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