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Healthy Full Arch Dental Rehabilitation at The Woodlands

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Smiling is one way of communicating to the outside world without needing to use words. How your teeth look in color and arrangement portrays a picture of how well you care for them. If you desire to change your mouth’s architecture, then full arch dental rehabilitation in The Woodlands may be the right solution for you. A well-experienced leading expert in dental redesigning, Oscar Muniz, DMD, MD, offers his artistic services with his unique talents and techniques to meet your satisfaction.

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Full Arch Dental Rehabilitation Q & A

Full arch dental rehabilitation is a performed procedure aimed at restoring your teeth to their optimum working condition by mouth rebuilding. It includes veneers, crowns, bridges, periodontal treatment, implants, and partial or full dentures. Dental rehabilitation is profound as it goes to dealing with health concerns of the jaw, face, and mouth. Thus it involves TMJ therapy and gum contouring.

Importance of Full Arch Dental Rehabilitation

Losing some or all of your teeth at times can pose a significant challenge when it comes to speaking and eating.  Even smiling can be embarrassing. Thanks to the full arch dental rehabilitation, modern technology in The Woodlands gives better oral restoration than the typical removable dentures. The procedure provides natural-looking, long-lasting, and secure results to help with better smiles, eating foods, enhanced oral health, and improved self-confidence. The implants’ design is for immediate mounting, making it fast to deliver results as you can get a new smile the very day after the appointment. The oral rehabilitation treatment plan and procedures are personalized to your unique needs concerning your smile and lifestyle goals.

How Oral Rehabilitation Procedure Performs

Dr. Oscar DMD, MD, and his certified team of experts will use 3D imaging to examine your mouth before designing a custom mold impression. To avoid feeling discomfort and pressure, general anesthesia is used to perform the procedure while you are asleep. Your new replacement teeth are secured immediately after placing the new implant. The treatment is likely to take about an hour. There are light side effects such as drowsiness due to the anesthesia, but the doctor will give postoperative guidelines that will aid in fast healing with no problems. You can look forward to recovering in just a few days.

Dr. Oscar first designs and attaches a denture temporarily on your implants for the case of full arch dental rehabilitation. He later gauges your jawbone for proper implant placement using a CT scan. The implant is computer-led for accurate placement. After a successful implant, the doctor attaches a temporary prosthesis. A couple of months later, you will come back for permanent restorations at the office.

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