Healthy Food Facts You Need To Remember And Apply

Healthy Food Facts You Need To Remember And Apply 1

It is an undoubted fact that foods are crucial to our body’s optimum health. Apparently, even if we were taught to eat healthily, we just could not give up on some unhealthy foods such as burgers, fries, ice cream and potato chips. You might even be surprised that some foods you eat and some practices you have on eating, which you thought are healthy; may not actually be good for you. With recent studies revealing food information, we even become further lost as to which eating habits or foods are indeed what we need. Below are some food facts to remember for eating healthy.
• Most of the foods we eat are loaded with nutrients, yet with the way foods are washed, stored and cooked, majority of these nutrients become depleted. Overcooking subjecting foods to extreme heat can result to 50-80 percent losses in essential vitamins and minerals. Healthy enzymes in foods also become lost with overcooking. Soaking fruits and vegetables in water will only take away water soluble nutrients.
Drinking immediately after a meal is actually not commendable. The stomach contains acids that break down foods. Drinking water will only dilute the acids and thus reduce their power to break down foods. Your stomach will take longer to fully digest your meals. You can drink water after at least half an hour after eating. You can instead drink red wine served in room temperature when eating. Wine contains digestive enzymes that aid in breaking down foods.
• Drinking cold water may shut down the production of acids in the stomach. If you need to take medications and supplements, drink water in room temperature so that your stomach can digest them efficiently.
• Thirty minutes before eating, eat fruits on an empty stomach. Fruits are quickly digested in the stomach. If you will eat fruits after eating foods, they will only ferment and become trapped inside your digestive tract; thus resulting to indigestion and stomach upset.
• Eat your salad at the beginning of meals because they break down easily like fruits.
Cow’s milk is hard to digest. If you drink or take cow’s milk with other foods, digestion will only become more difficult; your stomach and your body will need to work harder to fully digest what you have eaten.
• Drinking soft drinks may be refreshing, but can only deplete the calcium inside your body.
Drinking water aplenty is important. The body is composed of two-thirds water; and water may be lost through perspiration, breathing and body waste elimination. It is important that the body remains hydrated in order for it to function well. Water helps transport nutrients to all parts of the body; and also assists in flushing out toxins and wastes.
There are some foods that you probably take for granted, but the offered health benefits of these foods are certainly valuable. Bell peppers, for example, ca help protect your eyes from cataracts. A large apple consumed once a day will help reduce cholesterol for about 11 percent. Flaxseeds, walnuts, shellfish and fish should be added to your daily meals because they all have anti-inflammatory properties.
• If you are fond of using refined sugar, then you have to change your habit because it can only degrade the proper functions of your immune system.
Refined grains, on the other hand, can increase your blood sugar.

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