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Healing Through Touch: Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

There are a lot of physical transformations that your body goes through during the time of pregnancy. There is a lot of stretching of the muscles that takes place in your body to accommodate for the baby. To help yourself recover, especially after the delivery, you should go for pregnancy massage. There are multiple benefits that accrue due to it. In this article, we are listing a few of the factors that might help push you in favor of it. You have given a portion of your own life for bringing your child into the world, you deserve some consideration.

Recovery of the body:

In the nine months time period, your body has undergone tremendous amount of stress while providing all that is necessary for the baby. After the delivery, you should devote some time in getting back all that you lost.

  • A massage will help ease the flow of endorphins. They act as a natural painkiller in your body and are released by the brain. It helps to reduce the pain that you feel in your abdominal region.
  • There is another hormone called oxytocin, which is required in your body. This hormone plays a key role in helping you produce milk for breast feeding your baby. It might also happen that you have some secretion during the time of the massage.
  • It will help with muscle pains and knots which have developed in your body during the course of pregnancy. By improving the blood flow in the affected areas, these constrictions will heal sooner.
  • Carrying the additional load, your lower back and spine have undergone tremendous stress. With the help of some therapy, you might recover at a faster rate.

Individual constraints:

It is a known factor that not everyone has the same amount of time on their hands. If you are faced with a similar time constraint, try sharing the responsibility of the baby with someone, like other family members. A pregnancy massage lets you ease the body functions and go back to the way you were before. Consult with your doctor before hiring a professional. There might be medical complications that prohibit the hiring of such services. If you have high blood pressure, go for a gentler massage that does not elevate the blood flow too much. Even normally, vigorous strokes might do more damage than good to the body.

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