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Get to learn how you can know if you are a candidate for Yoga and the types of Yoga available


Yoga is an ancient practice that originated as an Indian philosophy even though it was used as a spiritual practice. However, most people usually choose to use Yoga for exercises because of its wellness and health benefits. New Rochelle yoga is practiced by a qualified specialist who uses many exercise techniques and tools to enable their clients to reach their fitness and health goals.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a therapeutic form of exercise that focuses on breathing, posture, and medication. For persons with other neuromuscular and MS, adaptive Yoga is used to modify the traditional postures. Even though Yoga was originally done for spiritual reasons, most people used it because of its health reasons like boosting energy levels,  reducing the risk of injury, increasing balance strength and flexibility both physically and mentally, assisting with weight loss or maintenance, improving muscle tone, and a deepened sense of connection with others.

Additionally, practicing Yoga also improves breathing, reduces stress, and helps you have better rest at night. Similarly, people who incorporate Yoga as part of their physical activity routine are also more likely to make better food choices and engage in regular exercises.

Are you a good candidate for Yoga?

 You can be a candidate for adaptive Yoga if you are starting to work out or you have an existing underlying condition that would improve if you engage in therapeutic exercises like chronic pain, arthritis, or hypertension. The exercise specialist can also include Yoga as part of your strength-training program to act as an active rest day.

After arriving at the facility, you should expect a thorough evaluation where the team will focus on figuring out how your body operates. They also find out what your body requires to optimize its health and wellness. The patient must undergo an initial consultation that involves a pre-participation screening to determine their health and fitness level. This includes an evaluation of their medical history. With this process, they can exercise and provide their clients with appropriate Medical Exercise Training and prevent clients who are medically unstable from entering the program.

The facility teams also use the latest methods and tools thoroughly instead of relying on trial-and-error methods to assess your body‘s significant functional aspects to determine the right exercise program for you. With the implementation of SMART START, they will establish a client’s baseline fitness level, which allows them to assess your current capacity and what you can do or cannot do when exercising. The results will show the type of training you require, either one-on-one training, small group training sessions, or buddy training.

Types of Yoga available

Different types of yoga focus on different elements, including a medically-based form of Yoga, called adaptive yoga therapy. With this type of Yoga, your specialist creates a program that will match the body’s needs and fitness goals of the client, which are often unique. Your yoga therapy may include different props to support your Yoga poses like a chair, wall, or even straps. When using adaptive yoga therapy, the health care provider can also develop an exercise program that suits any disability or medical need.

Suppose you are interested in learning more about Yoga and how it improves your health and wellness, call or visit NY FITPRO today. The highly skilled and trained team uses innovative tools and therapies to enable you to perform your best.

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