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Get Relief from Pain with Stem Cell Therapy Clearwater

Get Relief from Pain with Stem Cell Therapy Clearwater 1

More and more people are looking to avoid invasive treatment methods for pain management, and regenerative therapies are gaining more attention every day. In fact, many people are eager to see if this would help them to stay active longer. The best thing about regenerative therapies is that they take far less time to recover from, as well as to see the good results. Most patients who have undergone these treatments are able to get back to work the very next day. The efficacy is also better than conventional treatment methods.

Stem cell therapy is one of the most successful regenerative therapies in the medical field. They are safe procedures, because they merely stimulate the body to go through its own natural healing processes. This is proven to be efficacious in treating acute and chronic pain conditions in the knees, back, hips, shoulders, etc. The extraction of stem cells is done from the patient’s own body for this process. This is from where the tissues, ligaments, and bones are formed. So, these are the components from where human life begins. In adults, the stem cells are found in greater numbers within the bone marrow.


If you are in Florida, consider stem cell therapy Clearwater for these reasons & benefits:

  • They can reduce the need for surgery. Surgery requires more recovery time. It’s also very expensive. With stem cell therapy, it is easy to treat any injured tissue with the stem cells aspirated from one’s own bone marrow.
  • Many chronic conditions can be treated effectively. Back pain, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, Achilles tendon injuries, patellar tendon injury, ACL injuries, hip bursitis, and arthritis in the knee are a few examples.
  • These treatments can offer reduction in pain with improved mobility in the short span of 4 to 6 weeks. The benefits can last for over 12 months.
  • The cost depends on the specific treatment & can vary based on the treatment methods.
  • The injections of stem cells are given into the damaged cells and tissues which help in rejuvenating and repairing them.
  • The fact is, most of the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own bone marrow and not from embryos that are discarded, and this is a flagrant misconception.
  • Stem cell therapy Clearwater offers these safe procedures that have very few side- effects. Any discomfort in the injection area is minimal. While extracting the stem cells, the patient is given local anesthesia, so there is little or no pain involved.

Various types of stem cell therapy are used, but the physician-directed methods make use of younger and more potent stem cells. This helps in building new cartilage. The need for an Orthopedic Surgeon is required at times. Arthroscopy is also needed and is done by a physician. The best way to do away with many chronic pain conditions, as well as to increase your mobility, is to choose regenerative stem cell therapy Clearwater.

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