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Function of Human Growth Hormone

Function of Human Growth Hormone 1

How a human growth hormone works is the primary knowledge you need before you go ahead and buy one. Synthesized injections of growth hormone are similar to those which the human body produces naturally. This growth hormone is only recommended and approved for medical treatment purposes and is used on hormone deficient children and adults. No one else is permitted to use them, you need a prescription to buy these and buying without a valid prescription is illegal, it might also lead to legal and health issues. Growth hormone supplements support the pituitary gland function and helps manufacture and secrete growth hormone.

The Side Effects

These hormone supplements are available in different milligram strengths, ingredients and dosage recommendations, depending on the manufacturing brand; these are available for sale both online and offline. However, you can procure the same only with a doctor’s prescription.

The pharmacy stores, retail outlets, and sports nutrition shops usually sell these offline. These supplements can be found online on different websites of dietary nutrition vendors and sometimes from the manufacturer website itself.

Counting on the Health Benefits

Depending on the ingredients present, the supplements can be used for a number of health benefits. High quality growth hormones can stimulate muscle growth and promote fat burning but they can also lower blood pressure or affect cholesterol levels. Checking the reviews and feedback is always a good idea before buying any such supplement. The milligram strength and potential side effects should be studied carefully before buying.

  • The most common side effects include:
  • Rise in cholesterol levels
  • Pain in joints
  • Pain in muscles
  • Pain in nerves
  • Edema

Effect of User’s Health on The Side Effects

The age, weight and health of user also help in determining the side effects he will face. People who already have pituitary glands working fine and healthy levels of growth hormone in their body should avoid taking this supplement; it might lead to side effects like

  • Enlarged organs, especially the heart and intestines
  • Acromegaly- this is caused by taking unsupervised and high doses of HGH, which leads to malformation of muscles and other tissue, leading to permanent deformity and loss of function.

Where to Buy

These supplements are very costly; it is advised that you don’t focus on price points because the cheaper ones may not meet the quality requirements. In most cases, the doctor can provide coupons or some other way of getting these at a lower price than maximum retail price. Illegally purchasing HGH might seem financially lucrative but they are never going to work like the ones produced under proper guidance and meet the health and safety criteria.

Where Not to Buy From

Another commonly made mistake is to buy these hormones from countries where there are sold at lower costs, or illegally buying them from a local dealer. However, the medicine can be bought without hassle only with a doctor’s prescription. It is highly advised that you refrain from doing so. These products are never going to produce the same level of stimulation of muscle growth and other functions. Also most of these illegally sold or improperly produced supplements have a high chance of causing uncontrollable side effects and lead to permanent damage to your body.

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