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Four Tips To Make Your Doctor’s Consultation Better


Visiting a doctor is a tedious process for many people because of long hours of waiting in a crowded waiting room. This is an obvious discomfort when you are sick. This is a reality and every one of us who is going to consult a doctor is supposed to go through it. But you are supposed to keep your emphasis how to make the most of those few minutes you get with your doctor. This article will help you to make the best use of your time with the doctor.

As they say communication is the foundation stone of doctor-patient relationship. Here are a couple of essential tips, which you need to keep in your mind so that your doctor will understand your illness better.

Be Friendly with Your Doctor’s Staff

You are supposed to understand how the clinic functions and in this process doctor’s staff plays a significant role. It is necessary to maintain a good relationship with the nurse or with the doctor’s assistant. The simple rule is to treat the entire staff members in the best possible manner and they will reciprocate in the same way. A small thank you gift will ensure that you give them personalized attention. Before visiting the doctor, find out the busiest days of the week and try to avoid them. Personally knowing the staff will help you in case of an emergency or when the clinic is closed. The staff will also tell you about the right time to visit the doctor to get proffesional consultation.

Be Prepared

You are supposed to do your homework before visiting the doctor. This will save your doctor’s precious time as well as yours. When you organize the things, it will not only help the doctor, but you will also get the best medical care because it will help your doctor in making the accurate diagnosis. Arrange all your medical records and show them when he needs them. This way you will make the best use of limited time allotted to you. According to a research, patient forgets 50% of the doctor’s advices, if you cannot remember it, note it down after coming out of his chamber.

Tell Everything about Your Illness

Somebody has rightly said never hide anything from your doctor and your attorney because even a weeny thing can land you in trouble. If you want to tell your symptoms note it down in a chronological order from the time you start noticing. Moreover, you can also note down the factors responsible for aggravation in your symptoms. This will help your physician not to miss any important thing while prescribing the medicines. You are also supposed to take the list of medications if you are taking any.

Take a Friend Along With You

You can take your friend or relative to accompany you when you are going to get professional consultation. You can ask your doctor about the diagnosis. Know the complete medical name of your illness and if you cannot understand it, then ask what they call it in common language? Find out whether this illness will affect your family members in any way or not.

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