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Expert Diagnosis and Treatment for Orthopedic Injuries in Florida

Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries are frequently excruciatingly painful, limiting your movement and freedom. Raj Kandavanam, MD, of Lake Family Medicine & Imaging in Sanford, FL, diagnoses orthopedic ailments via comprehensive physical exams and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging techniques. Being a full-scope practice, Lake Family Medicine & Imaging provides in-office X-ray capabilities, eliminating the need for several visits at different offices. Dr. Kandavanam then develops tailored care plans to assist you in recovering and returning to your normal routines. For a consultation with Sanford orthopedic injuries specialist, call the office or use the online scheduling service.

What Are Some of the Most Prevalent Orthopedic Injuries?

Your connective tissue, bones, and muscles are all affected by orthopedic injuries. Overuse of injuries can occur as well as acute orthopedic injuries. All in all, some of the most prevalent forms of orthopedic injuries include:

o   Tendinitis.

o   Bursitis.

o   Fractures.

o   Ligament tears.

o   Sprained ankles.

o   Dislocations.

o   Rotator cuff injuries.

o   Cartilage ribs.

o   Plantar fasciitis.

Because you utilize your knees and shoulders daily, they are prone to orthopedic issues. Excessive usage can result in swelling and other concerns, resulting in acute and continuous strain injuries.

What Are Some of the Most Prevalent Symptoms of Orthopedic Injuries?

The most common symptom of an orthopedic injury is discomfort. You may also experience stiffness or restricted motion range.

Based on the intensity of your injury, you may have inflammation, or your skin may be heated, red, or sore to the touch. Orthopedic injuries might result in apparent abnormalities in some circumstances.

If you have discomfort, which lasts longer than several days or if your pain is so extreme that you cannot move or sleep at night, you must contact Lake Family Medicine & Imaging immediately. Furthermore, if you knowingly injure yourself, and can get to the practice; they accept walk-in visits.

What Is the Procedure for Diagnosing Orthopedic Injuries?

Dr. Kandavanam will often start your visit by inquiring concerning your injuries, symptoms, and habits. He also goes through your health history, then performs the physical examination.

Dr. Kandavanam evaluates your injuries, looking for signs of deformity and inflammation. He may gently massage your damaged body part, encourage you to move around the room, or have you complete some motions or stretches.

Dr. Kandavanam recognizes that an orthopedic injury might restrict your movement, hence why he provides imaging studies and X-rays in the same appointment. His objective is for you to obtain all of the essential tests as soon as possible.

The data from your X-rays, as well as other diagnostic tests, are then utilized by Dr. Kandavanam to assess your injuries and determine the best therapy to rehabilitate your body.

What Are the Treatment Options for Orthopedic Injuries?

Dr. Kandavanam develops tailored care plans to aid in the healing of your injury. Based on the intensity of your injuries, your therapy may include:

o   Physical therapy.

o   Orthopedic injections.

o   Medication.

o   Braces, casts, and splinting.

Whenever necessary, Dr. Kandavanam can send you to an orthopedic surgeon who will address more serious injuries, which do not respond to nonsurgical procedures.

Do not let orthopedic injuries affect your quality of life! For top-level diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic problems, call the Lake Family Medicine & Imaging office or schedule an appointment online right away.

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