Everything You Should Know About Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Istanbul hair transplant procedures are gaining huge popularity across the world. It has been found that the number of tourists visiting Turkey for hair transplants has constantly been increasing since the year 2005. Majority of the patients like going for the hair transplant process known as FUE. This is because this procedure comes with added benefits in comparison to the other procedures among which the most popular one is FUT.

Advantages of Going for Istanbul Hair Transplantation

In the present times, Istanbul welcomes a large number of foreigners for medical tourism. More and more people these days are going for Istanbul hair transplant mainly because getting a top quality surgeon here is more affordable than in other countries. Apart from this, there are other perks of getting hair transplant treatment in Istanbul. These include free airport transfers, plane tickets and hotel accommodation.

One of the major benefits of going for Istanbul hair transplantation procedures is the lowered cost. The cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul is around 1/3rd of the cost incurred in any of the countries in Europe. Apart from affordable hair transplantation costs, the clinics and hospitals offering hair transplantation treatment are Istanbul have also modified their treatment to the painless, seamless, bloodless and non-surgical FUE procedure.

What is the FUE Hair Transplantation Procedure?

The FUE procedure has made it quite convenient, quick and easy for the surgeons to carry out surgeries for hair transplantation. The procedure does not involve any sort of skin removal. It is basically a self-closing procedure that involves making small incisions. Therefore, the entire process is seamless and less painful at the same time. With the change in hair transplantation procedure taking place in Istanbul, the number of patients coming to this place for hair transplants increased from being ten thousand to seventy-two thousand. It is to be noted that this change occurred within a very short span of time resulting in an increase in the number of clinics offering hair transplantation services in Istanbul.

Growth of Health Tourism in Istanbul

Medical tourism is thriving in Istanbul. The very first hair transplantation centre in the world came up in Istanbul and at present, there are more than 100 thousand medical tourists coming here for treatment. The cost of hair transplantation in Istanbul is completely based on price per graft with the average price being 1 euro per graft. It is the cost that might influence your selection of a hair transplantation clinic in Istanbul. Nevertheless, it is important for you to make the choice of a centre is fully equipped with the necessary tools needed for the procedure and also has an experienced team of surgeons.

Istanbul hair transplant can turn out to be beneficial and cost-effective for you if you are successful in getting hold of clinics that offer certain discounts. For this, you must come up with a plan of visiting Istanbul during the months of May and June. This is because the number of medical tourists especially the ones coming for hair transplants is generally low during these months. So you can expect good discounts on different hair transplant procedures.

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