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Everything You Need To Know About Lasik Surgery Procedure

Everything You Need To Know About Lasik Surgery Procedure 1

Lasik surgery is one of the best treatments to cure Eye vision Problems. Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and astigmatism can be corrected with the help of Lasik (Laser-Assisted in Suit Keratomileusis). However, a person who desires to go for Lasik Surgery has a number of dilemmas. Here is the complete guide that will help you understand the procedure of the Lasik Surgery. The treatment facilities will depend upon the Lasik Centre. Choosing the Best Yaldo Eye Center Centre will provide you with good facilities and aftercare.

Lasik Surgery is used to reshape the cornea to adjust the eye focus. For farsightedness, the cornea is flattened and for nearsightedness, the cornea is steepened and Astigmatism Treatment requires smoothing irregularity. Lasik surgery is also used for Astigmatism, but some people have a misunderstanding that excimer laser cannot correct the Astigmatism. It will reshape the irregular cornea into a normal eye cornea shape. Lasik surgery typically takes 15 minutes for the actual treatment and you need to rest for the about 2 hours in the treatment room.

Before Lasik Surgery

Health eyes are necessary for best Lasik Surgery result. The doctor will check and evaluate the shape and thickness of the cornea. He/she will be examined with the entire eye condition and consequently will suggest for the Lasik Treatment.

Pre- Surgery Procedure

You will be given a comfortable Reclining Surgery chair to rest. First of all eye drops will be applied to make them numb. You will be given medication to get relaxed. After this, your eyelids will be gently opened using Lid speculum. Eyes will be stabilized using a device and you can a mild pressure which is normal. Using a device called microkeratome or a femtosecond laser thin flap in the cornea will be created that can be temporarily folded and then the cornea reshaping is carried on.

The procedure of Reshaping the Cornea

The next and most important step of Lasik eye surgery is Reshaping the Cornea. The pulses of light will be directed at the eye for reshaping the cornea which is done using computer-controlled excimer laser. This process is completely painless and you might experience a mild pressure which is normal to feel. Microscopic amount of tissue of the cornea is removed and cornea is reshaped so that it can accurately focus the light on the retina. After reshaping the cornea a thin flap is put back in the area where corneal tissue was removed. After this cornea of eyes will be allowed to rest and heal naturally. Lasik Centers in Michigan are using the latest technologies for Lasik Surgery. One of them is wavefront technology which provides wavefront analysis that gives a precise map of aberrations. The Best Yaldo Eye Center Centers will provide you with the wavefront technology.

Post Surgery Care

You need to take rest for a number of hours and then you can continue with your normal routine. The treatment results are expected to be within 24 hours, or the number of days or sometimes it may take a number of weeks. You might feel itching and slightly burning sensation after the process, but don’t worry your Lasik eye Surgeon will give a complete follow-up process to take care of your eyes.

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