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Eliquids are in vogue because of e-cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes came into practice because people who wanted to quit had limited options, either they had to go for de-addiction centres or chewing gums. It was always hard as the urge was strong and withdrawal symptoms were looming large on the smoker. It was like a trap out which a person had difficult time squeezing out of. There are many e juice manufacturers in the market and people choose accordingly to the number choices they have in terms of flavour, cost and the procurement means.

The hype of using eliquids have transcended many borders and people feel it is a better option as it does not the fire, ash or the smokey smell that usually accompanies a regular cigarette which may be a usual parlance for the smoker but not with the people around him.

Since eliquids are made of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are non toxic in nature and used in many day today products.

The most important thing for a smoker is that he gets his kick from smoking on a eliquids as he does from a regular cigarette as then there could be a changeover, otherwise he may go back to smoking his regular cigarette.

The interesting fact of eliquids is that they come in an array of flavours and person is really spoilt for choice to pick which flavour he really likes. It’s like going to a candy shop. It has the fruity, flowery, the usual nicotine based flavour, to breakfast flavours. This may sound very pleasing as a person can a myriad of choices unlike a regular cigarette.

There are some exotic flavours too. Hence there are premium e juice and the regular eliquids available. The prices are accordingly.

The varieties are

  • Honey oat flavoured eliquid
  • Multi berried flavoured eliquid
  • Rice and marshmallows flavoured eliquid
  • Many mixed fruit flavoured eliquid
  • A breakfast cereal bar flavoured eliquid

The above flavours are inspired by all the breakfast items that person may consume daily. These are not made from the actual fruit or the cereals, honey etc. But are the additive flavours that are added to the eliquid to give the user the feeling of the experiencing the taste of the above mentioned flavours. It may be the enticing to check out these flavours as they are delicious to sound and the packaging is also so attractive that it lures the customer to try it out once at least. As a smoker you may not get tempted to try anything else then nicotine based ones, but these have a certain amount of nicotine in them so you get your kick as well as the fine blend of sweet delicious flavours.

The reason many feel that getting a good foodie flavours are huge attraction to wean some one off nicotine. Other flowery or earthy smells may linger on but a person will hop and skip for a delicious plate of food, hence the concept of breakfast may strike gold as it has just begun to reach out to people.

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