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Earlobe Repair: All You Need to Know


Earrings play a vital role in improving your looks and physical appearance. As old age catches up, earrings can become a drag as they can stretch or tear your lobe. For earlobe repair in New York, you can visit Dr. William T. Long, a dermatologic surgeon at Manhattan Dermatology. The Manhattan Dermatology team can help you restore your ears’ health and restore your youthful appearance through professional earlobe repair.

You can call Manhattan Dermatology to book an appointment or schedule an in-office treatment.

Why are My Earlobes Longer?

As a result of aging, your skin is likely to lose elasticity and plumpness. All body parts are affected, including the breasts and face. The earlobes are also victims as they grow thinner and saggier due to the loss of collagen and the effects of collagen keeping your skin more intact.

As a result of wearing earrings, the additional weight adds extra stress to your earlobes, stretching your lobes over time. If you are keen, you may note that your earrings do not sit as high in the piercing as before. As you get older, the piercing also becomes elongated.

Remedy for a Torn Earlobe

Dangling earrings and large hoops can snag or get stuck on objects. Swift movements can tear your earring and rip straight through your earlobe(s). In case of such an accident, you can visit Dr. Mitchell at Manhattan Dermatology for surgical repair and restoration of your lobe.

If you tear your earlobe at home or work, you can contact Manhattan Dermatology for emergency care. Dr. Mitchell fixes you into the schedule as soon as possible to repair your lobe. You can make a walk-in at Manhattan Dermatology for immediate earlobe repairs.

What Can I Expect During the Procedure?

Earlobe repair is simple and takes about thirty to sixty minutes per ear, making it ideal for in-office treatment. In case your earlobes are stretched out, Dr. Mitchell can improve your features by altering their shape to look shorter and more youthful. You may need a local anesthetic to help you control the pain.

About Earlobe Repair and Downtime

After the surgery, your earlobes may feel a little sore. However, the procedure is free of downtime, allowing you to resume your duties immediately after the surgery. However, you will need to refrain from wearing earrings. While repairing your ear, Dr. Mitchell closes your original piercing.

Services That Supplement Earlobe Repair

While improving the aesthetics of an earlobe that has stretched out, you may need additional aesthetic and rejuvenating procedures. You can use cosmetic dermatology services like:

  • Facial volume restoration with Voluma® and Sculptra®
  • Wrinkle removal with Restylane®
  • Unwanted hair or vein removal
  • Wrinkle removal with Botox®
  • Laser skin tightening
  • Laser resurfacing
  • Chemical peels

Bottom Line

Whenever you need to restore your earlobes, you can reach out to Dr. William Long. To book an appointment, you can use the online booking tool or call to speak with one of the friendly staff. You can book an appointment or make a walk-in if you have a torn earlobe.

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