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Do You Experience Dry Eyes? Here is the Reason

Dry Eyes

If you endure dry eyes, you are not alone, as the condition has become extremely common today, particularly to people who wear contact lenses. What you need to do first is seek medical attention from an eye expert such as Stephen Wolchok, MD, who is an ophthalmologist in Jacksonville, FL. He can help you manage your condition. However, if you are wondering why you are experiencing dry eyes, there are various reasons for that. Have a look at the following top causes of dry eyes.

Environmental and Behavioral Factors

What you do around your eyes and the environment you are in have a lot to do with dry eyes. A dry, smoky, and windy environment can cause dry eyes as it makes your tears evaporate quickly. Besides, some environmental particles can find their way to your eyes, causing the complication. Also, overexposure to the sun can affect tears production in your eyes, causing dry eyes.

Additionally, if you put makeup on your face, there are those makeups for your eyes and the eye area. They include mascara, eyeliner, powder eye shadow, and many more. Some particles from these makeups can enter your tear film, thinning the oil in your tears, and causing dry eyes.

Some Types of Medications

Sometimes you can experience medication-induced dry eyes. This comes from medications that dry the sinuses, and they can also dry out your eyes. This is because both your eyes and the sinuses are mucous membranes. Some of the medications that can cause dry eyes include antihistamines, sleeping pills, high blood pressure medications, over-the-counter painkillers, and anxiety combating medicines. Therefore, if you are taking any of these medications, you can experience dry eyes.

Medical Complications

Dry eyes can also be symptoms concerning other medical complications you might have. Besides, some procedures to manage other complications can also cause dry eyes. For example, laser eye surgery can lead to dry eyes as it predisposes your eyes to get quickly dried out. Some of the medical conditions that can cause dry eyes include diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, thyroid problems, vitamin D deficiency, damage to the tear glands, and many more.

Body Changes

Sometimes your dry eyes can be due to some changes in your body. It can be due to the aging process that makes your tear glands produce more minor tears, or it can result from hormonal changes in your body. For women, you can experience dry eyes when you become pregnant, when you are going through menopause, or if you are using family planning pills. For those above 50, dry eyes can occur naturally as your organs, including the eyes, lose strength.

Screen Overuse

If you consume too much time on your computer or smartphone, you can experience symptoms including dry eye, eye strains, and headaches. This is because you blink less while you are on your computer or smartphone screen, which is critical in keeping your eyes moist. Therefore, it is good to take breaks from your screens to blink and maintain your eyes’ moisture.

When you have any signs of dry eyes, it is good to see your doctor to diagnose your condition and unveil the underlying causes. The choice and effectiveness of the treatment option will depend on the cause. Contact Wolchok Eye Associates today. 

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