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Different Types Of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dental

Attaining the smile, you desire becomes easy with the professional oral care method of cosmetic dentistry which can completely change the look of your teeth. While this is an elective procedure, more and more millennials are readily opting for the same courtesy of its restorative advantages. Today we are going to take a brief look at various types of cosmetic dental procedures that can transform your look in no time. 

  • Teeth Whitening

Flashing that million-dollar smile isn’t just a trademark of celebrities. You can also get a glamorous smile by undergoing an effective tooth whitening treatment. Our teeth tend to get stained from smoking, taking medicines, drinking, and even medication. The whitening procedure coats our teeth and can often be undertaken within a single sitting at the dentist’s chamber wherein the expert will restore the natural look of your pearlies by removing tartar, plaque, and other debris accumulations. On completion of the initial process, a bleaching agent is applied for attaining a lighter teeth shade than what it is originally. 

  • Braces

This is a common cosmetic procedure that is mostly seen amongst teenagers and children having improper dental alignment. Specialized devices are positioned on the teeth for exerting greater pressure and moving them to the desired spot. Advancement in dentistry is offering lingual braces, invisible braces, and tooth-colored ceramic braces to people to help them restore their smile subtly. Lingual braces remain hidden inside the mouth whereas the invisible ones are crafted using clear plastic which is visible from close up. Lastly comes the tooth-colored ceramic braces whose unique design helps them to blend easily with the natural color of your tooth. Depending on the amount of movement required, braces treatment can continue for half to two years and even extend beyond that. 

  • Veneers

These custom-made tooth-colored covers are crafted using medical-grade ceramic and are applied directly over your natural teeth. Cosmetic problems like gaps between damaged or cracked enamel and crooked teeth can be resolved through dental veneers which delivers an extremely realistic look. The veneer is applied by the dentist using dental adhesive at the front of each tooth. Dental veneers can be used either for the entire front teeth set or a single tooth. While this is a cheap and quick solution for a smile makeover, the process is irreversible since some enamel is removed from each tooth for applying the veneer. 

  • Composite Bonding 

This is pretty similar to veneers, with the only difference lying in the usage of composite materials in the place of porcelain. The soft composite is hardened post-built-up by following the bonding process. Though it cannot match the natural look and longevity of porcelain, it is a highly affordable choice. It is commonly opted for by patients having cracked or chipped teeth, suffering from tooth decay or worn-out edges. 

  • Teeth Implants 

Lost or damaged teeth can be replaced using dental implants which imitate the appearance of natural teeth. You can expect a 10-15 years solution from availing the services of dental implant melbourne on proper maintenance. Patients should follow proper oral hygiene and clean food debris and plaque on completion of the implant procedure. The strong implants are inserted into the jawbone following which an abutment is used to attach with the tooth crown. Once the supporting tissue and bone fuse, they get secured into place permanently. Dentists often advise getting an implant-supported bridge if multiple teeth have to be replaced in a row. 


Improper eating habits and genetics can cause our teeth to become yellow, wonky, or missing altogether. But you can restore your confidence by choosing amongst the different dentistry treatments listed above. 

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