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Different anabolic steroids used by athletes everyday

Different anabolic steroids used by athletes everyday 1
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There are few anabolic steroids which are really helpful. But there are many downright negative information, prohibitions, and myths going around all these steroids. If an individual has some specific goal then he should use the steroids which are meant for that goal. Lest look at some anabolic steroids which can be utilized as performance enhancers. Some are strictly anabolic in nature others are useful use along with anabolic steroids. Some can be categorized as pct or post cycle therapy steroids. These are mainly helpful in recovering from the effects of harsh performance enhancers. Some of the anabolic steroids and their use as listed below.

  • Anadrol: anadrol is mainly utilized as a bulking steroid. This is a oral steroid.
  • Anavar: this steroid is mainly used in cutting cycles and to gain lean mass. Majority of the female athletes chose this steroid.
  • Clenbuterol: clen is mainly used in cutting cycles. It helps to burn fat and very effective in weight loss.
  • Winstrol: among all the anabolics this is popular from long time. It is used for cutting, strength and mainly size. It can be a safe alternative to trenbolone since it is less toxix.
  • Trenbolone: even though it is very powerful when it comes to promoting size as well as strength in an individual meantime it can be really toxic as well.
  • Clomid: it is mainly utilized in pct or post cycle therapies.
  • Deca durabolin: even though it is popular steroid for bulking there are ways in which it can be utilized in cutting cycles as well.
  • Cytomel: this steroid is mainly useful in cutting and fat loss.
  • Equipoise: it is very useful in gaining strength, speed, and can be utilized as a performance enhancer.
  • Dianabol: this steroid is mainly used for bulking purpose.
  • HGH or human growth hormone: this is used for muscle production and bulking.
  • Halotestin: this steroid is useful in gaining aggression and strength.
  • Lasix: lasix is mainly helpful in reduction of swelling, reduces water retention, and helpful in trimming as well.
  • Insulin: This is useful for muscle production, endurance, and performance enhancement.
  • Methyltestosterone: this is a testosterone used orally and useful in gaining size and strength.
  • Omnadren: this can be utilized in cutting cycles and very effective in gaining muscle in case of offseason cycles.
  • Nolvadex: this is used in pct since it is very effective for reducing cholesterol and helpful in short term maintenance as well.

There are several types of illegal steroids. There are on an average 192 steroids which are considered illegal and banned. It is not easy to list all of them here.


When it comes to many steroids there are many positive and negative properties which they carry in common. One should clearly understand the properties which are specific to a steroid before buying them. Some of them are the specific needs which they serve, user health and the toxicity level of the steroid, what familiarity it has with the similar other drugs.

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