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Delivering Exceptional Ketamine Infusion Care Through an Integrative Approach in New York

Ketamine infusion treatment

If you have tried at least three antidepressants and are still experiencing symptoms, you could be a suitable candidate for ketamine infusion therapy. Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a quick, safe, and uncomplicated technique that could be done as an outpatient. At the private practice of David Salvage, M.D., FAPM, with offices in Brooklyn, Park Slope, NY, and the Financial District, in Lower Manhattan, Dr. Salvage and his team deliver the safest and most efficient ketamine infusion therapies. Call the office or arrange an initial consultation online with the Park Slope Ketamine infusion treatment specialists to explore the treatment’s benefits.

What Exactly Is Ketamine Infusion Treatment?

Ketamine infusion is a treatment that involves administering ketamine intravenously (IV). Whenever you take the medication orally, it degrades inside your stomach and digestive tract, so you just get a fraction of the prescription’s effects.

Whenever ketamine enters your body via a vein, it completely bypasses your digestive tract. This enables optimum cell absorption and, as a result, protracted effects.

The FDA initially approved ketamine in the 1970s. Ketamine, typically used in greater dosages as a dissociative anesthetic, has been demonstrated in recent years to offer significant results in addressing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression with few adverse side effects.

Dr. Salvage takes an integrated, holistic approach to patient care. To establish you are the ideal candidate for Ketamine infusion, he cross-checks your health history and discusses your mental health concerns. Once determined, your care plan is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.

What to Expect With Dr. Salvage’s Ketamine Infusion Treatment?

A ketamine infusion is simple to conduct as an outpatient procedure, taking approximately 40 minutes of infusion time and 20 minutes to rest following the infusion. Some patients even find it exciting to talk about psychological concerns.

There is a minor disturbance in awareness during the injection. Still, you will stay conscious because the dose of ketamine administered is a fraction of what would be utilized as a general anesthetic. Your pulse oxygenation, heart rate, and blood pressure are watched throughout the treatment because ketamine infrequently causes increases in blood pressure or heart rate.

You could continue to take your existing antidepressant prescription. And besides, Dr. Salvage frequently partners with other physicians to provide ketamine care to individuals seeing other psychiatrists for medication administration.

The regimen typically calls for six infusions to be administered within two weeks, after which most patients might not necessitate further therapy. Nonetheless, others could necessitate a booster infusion every 1-2 months, although every case is unique. The cost of every infusion is $500, and the clinic accepts debit and credit cards for your convenience.

David Salvage, M.D., FAPM, offers extensive psychiatry and psychotherapy care to patients across the New York district. He blends his skills and expertise with humanism, warmth, and an articulate comprehension, with the overarching aim of ensuring every patient recovers completely.

Do not let PTSD or depression affect your life quality, whereas a simple solution is there for you! For expert Ketamine infusion care, contact the office through mobile or use the online booking service to request an appointment today. 

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