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Dealing With Mobility Issues In The Home: Understanding Your Options

Dealing With Mobility Issues In The Home: Understanding Your Options 1

Regardless of whether you happen to be caring for a beloved senior, disabled child, or even for yourself, it’s important to note that mobility issues tend to be some of the most demanding, unremitting manifestations in today’s day and age. It is especially so when considering how much we rely on being able to get from point A to B confidently throughout each day.

This brief article will highlight the extent of mobility impairments in the UK and show you how to alleviate your daily challenges in a cost-effective, intuitive manner.

The Facts and Figures

To recognise the regularity and prevalence of mobility-related conditions in today’s landscape, we have to take a closer look at the statistics that have been compiled over the past few years:

  • There are over 13.4 million disabled individuals living in the United Kingdom, which equates to approximately one out of every five citizens.
  • Contrary to popular belief, only about 17% of the people that are struggling with mobility problems were born with their conditions; the vast majority develop their disabilities later in life.
  • Over the past 12 months, more than two million UK households have chosen to adapt, alter, or renovate the property’s interior to account for an individual with mobility problems.
  • Slips, trips, and falls are the leading cause of death amongst people above the age of 65 – often due to the ensuing fractures, infections, and complications that manifest following a sudden tumble.
  • To provide some perspective, consider the fact that there were less than 275,000 heart attacks recorded during 2017, but there were upwards of 310,000 fractures resulting from falling.

As a result, the mobility equipment sector is quickly blossoming into the foremost resource for both caregivers and patients – preventing falls while simultaneously increasing the ease of movement represents the best way to ensure a healthy, injury-free lifestyle, irrespective of the individual’s age, conditions, or mental standing.

What Are the Most Helpful Products?

If you take the time to visit the website of a reputable mobility equipment supplier – such as– you’ll get a chance to learn about the myriad of contemporary implements that can enhance and augment any domestic setting. Many of these products have been specially designed to account for arthritic pains, limited range of motion, degenerative conditions, spinal disorders, and a host of alternative limitations that people struggle with on a daily basis.

So if you’d like to improve the safety, security, and accessibility of your home or care site, it’s in your best interests to evaluate the feasibility of the following new-age products:

  • Personalised access ramps, wheelchair ramps, and threshold ramps.
  • Bath seats, shower rails, and bath steps.
  • Extendable bath sponges and brushes.
  • Custom designed stairlifts and conveyance equipment.
  • Adjustable one-touch electric beds, over-bed tables, and portable pressure relief mattresses.
  • Lightweight joystick-operated power chairs, scooters, and wheelchair apparatuses.

If you visit the webpage of a renowned mobility equipment supplier, you’ll be able to converse with an expert and start creating a suitable plan to account for the unique features of your property. Be sure to initiate your research as soon as possible – a safer, happier home is just a few short clicks away.

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