Cosmetic Treatments That Slow Down the Aging Process

Cosmetic Treatments

Several factors contribute to skin aging. While there are those conditions you cannot manipulate, there are others you can do something about. It is natural for your skin to lose its youthful wholeness and pave the way for visible lines on several parts of your face. You start to notice your skin thinning and becoming dry. As a result, you start seeing wrinkles and other aging signs appearing on your face. At McDonough Ideal MedSpas, the experts provide quality aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to eliminate aging symptoms, giving them a youthful glow.

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Your face tells a lot about your life and people are likely to treat you depending on how they see you. When it comes to aesthetic treatments, there are several options you can choose from. Doing a little editing on your aging symptoms can dramatically reverse your chronological years to give you a shiny, new look. There are various anti-aging treatments your doctor will suggest to help restore your appearance.

The most standard procedures your cosmetic surgeon may recommend include:

  • Botox injections. Your doctor will recommend Botox injections to minimize the appearance of your facial wrinkles. The injections work by blocking signals from your nerves responsible for muscle contraction. Botox injections will temporarily relax your facial muscles responsible for wrinkle formation on your forehead, brow, neck and around your eyes. During the procedure, your doctor will use a tiny needle to inject small amounts of the treatment’s contents into your muscles or skin. The number of injections you will need significantly depends on various factors including the severity of your wrinkles and the extent of your treatment area.
  • Dermal fillers. Fillers are injectable gel-like substances your doctor will inject under your skin to address your various anti-aging symptoms including adding volume to your lips, smoothening your lip lines and nasolabial folds. Your care provider may also use dermal fillers to rejuvenate your hands. Unlike Botox injections that temporarily freeze your muscles, halting the aging process, dermal fillers work by boosting your hyaluronic acid. As a result, you will have voluminous skin that may minimize your facial lines and wrinkles, giving you a soft and plump look. The most common areas dermal fillers deal with include your mouth and nose folds, between your eyebrows and lips.
  • Chemical peels. These cosmetic treatments work by carefully exfoliating your skin with acid. There are three standard types of chemical peels; superficial, medium-depth and deep peels. Your doctor’s choice will depend on how deep they penetrate your skin, your skin type and shade. During the procedure, your doctor will apply the acid to the treatment areas to dissolve your skin cells and eliminate your epidermis’ top layers. The treatment will take care of cosmetic issues like hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, enlarged pores and rosacea. Your results will vary depending on the acid’s penetration extent.

Anti-aging treatments will most likely address your visible aging signs like:

  •         Reduced skin elasticity
  •         Pigmentation disorders
  •         Fine lines and wrinkles
  •         Skin fragility resulting from trauma
  •         Skin dryness
  •         Reduced firmness
  •         Increased translucency
  •         Skin dullness

Erasing aging signs can help boost your social and self-confidence. Contact your doctor for help if you want to slow down your aging process.

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