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Coping and treating depression when you are pregnant

Coping and treating depression when you are pregnant 1

Depression is a common symptom during pregnancy. But help is readily available if you join pregnancy communities online as it can help both the mother along with the baby. It could be a worse feeling if you are of the opinion that things are rosy around you. No wonders to the fact that women are prone to depression when they become pregnant. There are pregnancy hormones that could lead to stress, anxiety when you are pregnant. There are some factors which could pose a greater risk in terms of depression. Do join the best pregnancy communities and ask for ready help.With regards to pregnancy depression it could be a worse feeling that some women are really helpless on how to take care of themselves when they are pregnant. But with the right kind of help it is indeed possible to deal with depression. With the right dose of medicines you can combat the issue of depression when you are pregnant.Figuring out the right course of treatment once again boils down to a personal decision, do ask the doctor about the opinion and the various treatment options. You should read more about the symptoms and causes of depression during pregnancy and how you are planning to cope up with this condition when you do become pregnant.The main causes of prenatal depressionTill date no one is aware of the exact cause of depression when you are pregnant, but the raging hormones have a definite role to play. Let us now go through some of the popular symptoms that could put an expectant mother at risk.

  • Hormones- They is known to have an impact on the chemistry of your brain. This controls the mood along with emotions. These are the same hormones that cause premenstrual havoc. In fact history does point to the fact that women who are known to suffer from severe PMS pose greater risk when they are depressed.
  • Genetic depression- if there is a history of depression in your family, the risk does increase at a considerable level. If depression does run in your family the chances are that you are going to be suffering from it as well.
  • Stressful events- if you have a caring parent, dealing with finance or a general feeling of being worried are all symptoms of pregnancy that you are going to face up. All these are emotional factors that do go on to take a toll in relation to depression. If you are a lady who is forced to deal with such stress then you can deal with depression.
  • Young age- Women who are young are more susceptible to depression in comparison to women who are in the age bracket.
  • Being a victim of physical abuse- lack of self-esteem, isolation and self-esteem can also contribute to being depressed when you are pregnant.

It does not pose a great challenge when you are dealing with depression during pregnancy. You have to come up with it.

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