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Common Questions People Have before Going for Addiction Rehab in Scarborough

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Breaking an addiction is never going to be easy. People do not realize they are too dependent on a substance until they notice they cannot live without it and that it is hurting their personal and professional lives. Many people do not opt for addiction rehab in Scarborough because they think they have gone too far and nothing can help them now. Here are some common questions most people have when thinking about treating their addictions.

Is it possible to treat an addiction?

It is hard to answer this question, but the truth is that it is not always possible to treat addiction, which is quite the same as other chronic diseases. However, it does not mean you should not do anything to improve your life. Like other chronic illnesses, it is possible to manage your addiction more effectively. It is important to seek treatment because it can help counteract whatever changes a drug or any other addictions have made in the brain.

By changing your behaviour, you will be in a much better position to take better control of your life. Many studies have found that treatment and therapies can change the density of dopamine transporters in your brain, which confirms that your brain always has a potential to recover. Even if it recovers partially, you will still be able to live a drug-free life.

How serious is it to have a relapse?

It is certainly going to be difficult to manage things properly after a relapse, but having a relapse does not mean that treatment has failed completely. You have to understand that just like with any other chronic illness, it is always possible to have a relapse at some point. You should not let it hurt you much though. Understand that relapse rates for people with addiction disorders are the same as relapse rates for people with well-understood chronic medical illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.

In order to overcome your addiction, you have to change your behaviour towards a substance. It will not be easy and there will be chances of relapse. It is important to note that a relapse usually means that your treatment needs to be adjusted in order to get better results.

Is it necessary to take medications during treatment?

Yes, it is because you will have to take many medications during addiction rehab in Scarborough to treat withdrawal, prevent a relapse, and stay in treatment. Without medications, it will become difficult to deal with withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. You may have to fight insomnia during detoxification stage, and this is when medications can help.

Similarly, you need to take certain medications to teach your brain how to function properly when you are not taking the abused drug. These medications may also help these patients focus more on counselling and behavioural therapies. By controlling stress and cravings, some medications may also lower your risk of having a relapse.

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