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If you fear visiting the dentist or the thought of going to the dentist makes you anxious and keeps you from making your smile the best it can be, then you should consider oral sedation. At Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry, Joseph Kabaklian, DMD, and his dedicated team provides oral sedation in Newport Beach to put you under conscious sedation during dental treatment. This is an excellent option for all people, regardless of age, who get anxious about any dental treatment. They encompass the specific means to assist you in relaxing both mentally and physically. Therefore, visiting the dentist has been an easy and calm process. If you are interested in oral sedation, call or book an online appointment today.

What do you understand by Oral Sedation?

This is a form of treatment used to help relax the patients and calm them during their dental visits, offered to you as an oral pill for you to swallow. They provide a customized dose of the sedative according to how anxious you feel. For instance, if you experience slight edgy during your dental visits, the specialist could administer a low dose to help you calm down. However, for higher anxiety levels of the people contemplating undertaking a dental procedure, the dose could be increased for more relaxation needs. Dr. Kabaklian and the team at Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry also understands that a majority of patients fear dental visits. They might lose their sleep a night before their dental visit. They hence, prescribe medication to be taken a night before the appointment to give you the sleep and rest you require.

Why Should You Consider Oral Sedation?

Some individuals do not experience any anxiety when they go to a dentist and are often okay with a local anesthetic. Some of the common reasons why you should consider oral sedation include a phobia of dental procedures, general anxiety disorder, sensitive oral nerves, bad dental treatment experience in the past, resistance to local anesthetic, and a small mouth that becomes sore during a dental procedure. If you have any of these issues, Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry offers practical and convenient oral sedation services. Dr. Kabaklian and his team will help you get through any dental problem, including tooth extractions, root canals, dental implants, and more.

What Do you Feel During Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation would make you relaxed and sleepy. It is common for patients to sleep after undergoing oral sedation. However, it would not be wrong to suggest that they are generally easy to awaken. Patients say that oral sedation makes their visit to the dentists feel like a fuzzy, warm dream. Even better, oral sedation is safe for both children and adults.

How Do You Prepare to Undergo Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation has been developed to relax you during the dental appointment. However, it is recommendable to do other activities to help you feel calm such as wearing comfy clothes. You can also consider arranging a ride home and spending the entire day relaxing. The oral sedatives wear off gradually throughout the entire day. Therefore, consider going back home and continue with your normal routine.

In conclusion, you should not let your anxiety about dental procedures prevent you from receiving the required oral health care. The Enamel. General & Cosmetic Dentistry team is dedicated to providing you with the best personalized dental care and oral sedation. If you need oral sedation dentistry in and around Newport Beach, CA, call or book an online appointment.

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