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Birth Control Options to Prevent You From Carrying an Unwanted Pregnancy

Birth Control

An unplanned pregnancy is infuriating and can thwart your plans in so many ways. Fortunately, you can prevent such an eventuality, thanks to birth control forms. Your birth control choice will depend on various issues like safety, risks, ease, and personal considerations. Before recommending a birth control form, your doctor will highlight the forms’ effectiveness, pros and cons, and the possible side effects you are likely to have. Forest Hills birth control professionals at Raveco Medical are trusted and experienced and will guide you through to help you weigh your options. The experts offer their patients varieties of long-term and short-term prescriptions to help them plan their families.

Though birth control forms might frustrate conception, most of them will not prevent you from contracting an STI.

How effective are birth control pills and what should you do to have optimal results?

Contraception pills are either a combination of progestin and estrogen hormones or just progestin. Though the tablets are very effective when you want to avoid getting pregnant, you must know how to use them correctly. Taking the medication is easy. However, remembering to take the drugs on time every day could be challenging. When you use the pill well, you will not have to worry about getting pregnant any day any time.

Avoid the temptation of requesting pills from your pharmacist without a prescription from your doctor. You must know the pros and cons and effective use with related side effects before you settle on an option. 

What are the various forms of birth control?

Birth control forms could either be natural, hormonal, or permanent. Natural forms do not require medications or devices. However, some of these forms are not reliable. Natural forms of birth control include abstinence and outercourse, which refers to no vaginal penetration.

On the other hand, your doctor will administer hormonal contraception forms in multiple ways including patches, intrauterine devices, pills, injections, and vaginal rings. Hormonal forms include:

  • Vaginal rings. The NuvaRing is a small flexible ring your doctor inserts in your vagina and leaves it there for approximately three weeks to slowly release progestin and estrogen hormones into your vagina.
  • Implants. An implant is a birth control device your doctor could place under your arm or your uterus to prevent conception. They include the T-shaped IUD your doctor inserts in your uterus and implantable rod your doctor will place under your upper arm.
  • Injections. When your doctor recommends an injection as your birth control form, you will be receiving the progestin shot after every three months.
  • Unlike the hormonal and natural forms of contraception that you can manipulate when you want to get pregnant, you can only opt for a permanent conception type if you are sure to be through with child-bearing or you have no desire of conceiving. One of the benefits of the permanent methods is, you will not be disrupting your natural hormones. The permanent techniques include tubal ligation and tubal implant.
  • Like the morning after pill, emergency contraception pills prevent unintended pregnancies if you take them soonest after having unprotected sex.

The choice to get pregnant extensively depends on your ability to care for your family effectively. On the other hand, an unwanted pregnancy can prevent you from achieving personal goals. The good news is, your doctor can help you plan your family with various birth control forms. Call the experts or schedule an appointment today and get a recommendation on the best form that best suits your needs.

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