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Benefits of Integrative Medicine in Addressing Your Health Needs

Integrative Medicine

Having an expert medic in integrative medicine can significantly help you prevent potential medical problems from developing. As a result, you will be gearing yourself up for a happy and healthy life. Integrative medicine entails integrating conventional medicine with various health care approaches to meet your health needs. Brian Myers, ND, Dien Nguyen, ND, and the team of experts in integrative medicine in Beverly Hills help their patients address their health concerns’ root causes with science-based and complementary treatments. You might consider an integrative technique when conventional approaches fail to manage your health needs. The practice takes care of you as an individual with personal needs, not only focusing on your illness.

Components of integrative medicine?

Besides conventional approaches, techniques of quieting your mind and calming your nervous system can also benefit your immune system, helping you stay healthy or deal with an illness better. Practicing breathing techniques, meditation, nutrition, and exercises are not the only considerations for wellness. The practices can help your body function properly and fight infections.  

Standard integrative medicine practices include:

  •         Massage
  •         Acupuncture
  •         Aromatherapy
  •         Dietary supplements
  •         Music therapy
  •         IV therapy
  •         Hormone replacement
  •         Vitamin injections
  •         Nutritional counseling

Though integrative techniques can enhance your life quality, you should not use them to replace conventional medicine. You should inform your doctor of the therapies you are using and resist changing your traditional treatment without informing him. Alternative medicine offers you a unique thrill with skilled experts to help provide a different solution to assist conventional medicine. The practitioner types that make up the alternative medicine include:    

  •         Allopathic physicians
  •         Naturopathic physician
  •         Chiropractor
  •         Acupuncturist
  •         Nurse practitioner

How are you likely to benefit from integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is patent-centric. The practice may significantly benefit you in various ways. Your doctor can combine conventional medicine with effective complementary approaches to get the best routine to ease your symptoms and help you manage your health problem. The specialty emphasizes your relationship with your physician and focuses on you as a whole person. As a result, the holistic approach helps you achieve optimal health.

Principles of integrative medicine include:

  •         A close relationship between you and your physician
  •         Entails the use of alternative and conventional approaches
  •         Consideration of factors influencing your wellness, health, and disease
  •         Emphasis on illness prevention and healthy living through embracing a healthy lifestyle

Therefore, the benefits of the holistic approach include:

  • Treating you as a person, not only your condition. Integrative medicine considers all the factors that play significant roles in influencing your health. The factors include behavioral, psychological, biological, and environmental.
  • Sets foundation for overall health. The approach prompts your doctor to address issues of nutrition, immunity, environmental toxins, and hormonal imbalances.
  • Protect you from potential health issues. By securing your future health, you have to understand your health status and look for ways to proactively address medical problems before they happen.
  • Applies to both specialty and primary care. Besides primary care, your doctor may use the approach in specialties like pain management and psychiatry.

Integrative medicine is not a conventional approach’s substitute. Your doctor will combine the therapies with typical medical treatment to ensure wellness and health. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to learn more about integrative medicine and how you can benefit from the practice.   

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