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Are There Any Side Effects with Dental Implants?


Having a glorious smile is a feature that most people seek these days. It is undeniable that having a sparkling smile with bright teeth can impress anyone, especially at first meetings. But, not all of us are lucky enough to have such smiles. Why? We may suffer from minor to major dental defects. Discolored, crooked, lost teeth are some of these dental imperfections. Each of them can act as a barrier to a confident smile. But as most dentists state, none of these dental issues are as important as lost teeth. An experienced dentist working at a dental implant center in Richmond Hill describes that suffering from lost teeth not only negatively affects your appearance but also causes severe problems while chewing and speaking. That is why it is repeatedly emphasized that this dental treatment is considered both cosmetic and restorative.

It is usually talked about the positive points of dental implants. You may think about the negative points and side effects of this method. Here, we will briefly explain some of these side effects. Keep reading to learn more about this dental method, and decide whether you can go for dental implants or not.

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The Process 

As you may have heard, dental implants are false teeth made of titanium to replace missing teeth. These false teeth are inserted surgically in your gums. So, the first point to consider is that since this dental treatment is a kind of surgery, it should be performed with a dedicated and experienced dental implant specialist. Otherwise, the patient may face problems and difficulties such as severe pain, permanent bleeding, and failure in the process.

The next important tip you should be aware of is that you should consult your dentist before undergoing this surgery. In this case, you will pass the healing process more comfortable. For example, if you are a smoker or drink alcohol too much, you will definitely be told to give them up a few weeks before the surgery since it will negatively affect your healing process.

The Side Effects 

As we told in the last paragraph, if you choose the right dental specialist and are aware of the preparation requirements and caring tips before, during, and after the surgery, it is so rare to face any problems and side effects. Of course, there are some minor and normal problems that will disappear after a while.

The first side effect is feeling pain after the surgery. The dentist will probably prescribe some painkillers to reduce the pain. This pain will go away some days later. But, in case you are tolerating too unbearable pain, or if the pain continues too much, you should visit your dental implant specialist as soon as possible.

Swelling and bruising are other common side effects of this dental treatment. Patients who have gone through dental implants will notice some swelling around the gum or even the cheeks. The bruise may also happen after swelling. Both problems are temporary and will be faded after a few days. To help reduce swelling and bruise, you can put a piece of ice wrapped in a plastic or cloth on your cheek.

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