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Access Pain Relief and Save Your Infected Tooth Through Root Canal Treatment in California

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Tender, painful teeth sensitive to cold or hot might necessitate a root canal. To access pain relief and save your infected tooth, reach out to the Madison Family Dental Group’s dental specialists. Dr. Shiva Salehi, DDS, utilizes modern technology and procedures which are relatively painless to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to call the office or schedule an appointment online for your root canal treatment in Fair Oaks, CA with Madison Family Dental Group.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic therapy which saves a damaged or infected tooth that would have otherwise needed an extraction. If left untreated, the affected tooth might result in an apical abscess and eventually jaw bone loss.

Who is the Right Candidate for a Root Canal?

The most common signs and symptoms of an infected tooth pulp tissue that necessitates a root canal treatment include extended sensitivity to cold or heat, bad odor and abscesses, swelling and pain, tenderness while brushing or chewing, and tenderness in the surrounding soft tissue and gums. Your specialist, Dr. Salehi, conducts an extensive evaluation to decide if a root canal is the most suitable treatment for you.

What to Expect with Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a four-step treatment, which necessitates two to three office visits. Dr. Salehi begins by numbing your tooth using a local anesthetic and isolates it using a protective sheet. After which, she opens up the crown to access the pulp chamber and utilizes small files to clean the affected chamber and shape your canal for filling.

After this space is cleaned and dry, she then fills your canal with a biocompatible, rubber-like material, known as gutta-percha, along with an adhesive, which seals your canal. The last step, which is a few weeks later, is whereby the specialists at Madison Family Dental Group attach a permanent crown or another form of restoration to your tooth.

Does One Experience Pain During or After the Root Canal Procedure?

The dental specialists at Madison Family Dental Group utilize cutting-edge medical technologies and anesthesia so that you are fully comfortable during your treatment. After getting back home, most patients report feeling increased tooth sensitivity, or the tooth feels different from the others for the next few days. In most cases, prescription medications or over-the-counter pain medications can offer relief for your discomfort.

What Are the Necessary Precautions Following Root Canal Treatment?

The Madison Family Dental Group specialists offer patients a comprehensive list of the precautions they should follow after receiving root canal treatment. For instance, one should avoid biting or chewing on the treated tooth as it’s vulnerable to fracture until your practitioner fully restores it during your last appointment.

Besides, you must exercise good dental hygiene, such as flossing, cleaning, brushing, and continuous preventive visits twice every year. With the right care, your tooth can last as long as the rest of your natural teeth.

That said, to access a root canal treatment from an expert provider, partner with Madison Family Dental Group. Get started today by calling their office or booking an appointment online.

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